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Proposed term limits for Congress

Dead on arrival? Back in May, Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) introduced legislation imposing term-limits for Congress. Under his proposed bill House members could serve a maximum of three terms. Senators could serve a maximum of two terms. (Six years and twelve years.) The bill would not impact any incumbent which DeSantis believes would make the bill more appealing. “reconciling the self-interest of members of Congress with the public’s desire to see these changes enacted..” The bill also has three sponsor’s all Republicans.

This is yet another attempt by a few to change the Constitution establishing term-limits. In 2013, a Gallop poll had 75% of Americans supporting term-limits.  Though considering we have heard nothing on the subject in the past two months we would have to assume the bill is dead. As for the bill, exempting those already in Congress would make any meaningful change a long way off.  In 2014, 96.4% of incumbents were re-elected to Congress when they had just a 11% approval rating. (politifact.com)

So it begs to ask the question> if 75% of Americans support term-limits and are unhappy with Congress, why are we re-electing them at a 96.4% rate? 

My theory is two-fold. 1> not enough people vote. 2> the people that are voting don’t know the candidates.

So do we need term-limits? Or do “We the People” need to get a little smarter with our vote?

Immigration in the 2016 election

My belief is we need to give people a path to legal status. “You pay your fines, you get provisional work permits, where you come out of the shadows, you pay taxes, you pay fines, you don’t receive government assistance, you learn English, you don’t commit crimes. Any of those things that you do would be a deportable offense.” Jeb Bush Feb 2015

Reforming immigration, a campaign topic that will again be a campaign issue in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Jeb Bush’s statement above made while speaking to the Club for Growth in Florida. Bush’s statement is far from cutting edge. In Novemeber 2014 President Obama was making the same statement when he bypassed Congress, “If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law President Obama Nov. 2014. (http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/20/politics/obama-immigration-speech/)

Although not the same position on the subject overall this statement is the same. Make right with the government and all will be well. Both Jeb Bush and Obama believe illegal immigrants have an overall desire to come out of the shadows and pay taxes? Myself and I am sure many American’s struggle with the idea of this.

Immigration and the need to reform? If we do not enforce the plan we already have, why would we enforce a new plan? President Obama took executive action in 2014 simply because Congress would not pass any bill. Why would they not pass one? Because they lack character and more so fear voter rebellion.

So can Jeb Bush change the direction of the country, who has been wthout direction for the last twenty years on immigration? I would have to say NO. Big business wants cheap labor. Big business is getting cheap labor for the “jobs nobody wants to do” and MORE! Jeb Bush will not change immigration. And for that matter neither will any of the other candidates. The country is BROKEN not the system. The illegal immigrant can come to this country. Work for higher wages then they have ever earned. They also can get healthcare and, attend our schools free of charge. This the bottom line on why reform will not work. To the illegal immigrantthe system is working just fine.   The businesses who make money off their labor, the system is working just fine, the same group who buys elections.

White House Diaries, a must read for the historian

image source: e.wikipedia.org
image source: en.wikipedia.org

White House Diaries by Jimmy Carter, have you read it? I just recently completed the book with the self-explanatory title. But just for clarity, the book a diary that  Carter kept while in the White House. He does write some explanations or expounds on some entries that are italicized. For those who are interested in history, I would recommend it highly. For those who believe “history repeats itself” then it is a MUST READ. I am old enough to remember the gas-lines, rationing of gas (odd/even days) and the hostage crisis. That along with the high unemployment and inflation is what most people believe was all  Jimmy Carter’s time in office was. Or a failure.

One of the first things that jumped off the pages was Carter’s statement about Congress, “a dysfunctional group that doesn’t get anything done.” Does this sound familiar? The current approval rating of Congress in 2015 stands at 15%. He mentions this quite often in different ways throughout the book. Carter’s entries on the Camp David Accords is quite detailed and a highlight of his presidency. We also learn in these entries “who really was holding up Middle-East peace. And who continues to hold up the peace.

Where the White House Diaries become’s a must read is the positions taken by President Carter on the economy. Especially in regard to a responsible budget that should be balanced. The fight within his own party to spend, spend spend, (Ted Kennedy D-Mass.). The bi-partisan approach toward getting bills passed. Bi-partisan, which today is relegated to lip service. (The balanced-budget approach, three key words coming from Republican’s in all ranks today.)

The diary entries at the end of Carter’s first and only term are extremely interesting for the Ronald Reagan lovers. This I will not divulge as I found them remarkably candid and also disappointing.

Many “those in the press” and some polls believe President Carter was the worst president of the modern era. Do you believe so? After reading his diary entries you might think differently.


The Republican train is coming

image: insurancejournal.com
image: insurancejournal.com

“I hear that train a coming, it’s rolling around the bend” The train? The soon to be Republican  controlled  Congress. What is at stake, the environment, health care, social security, Medicare, the list is potentially endless. When the blood-letting begins and the cries of foul come from the mouth’s of those effected STOP! Think for a minute, what could you have done better? Far too many people remained on the sidelines for this mid-term election. The MANDATE of the people, 33% of voters showed up to cast votes and the majority were REPUBLICANS. By their own hand Democrats will cut the programs and policies that they are endeared too.

Blame> Plenty to go around , from the lazy union worker who did not go to the polls. ( might they fall victim to a National Right to Work?) To the Walmart worker, who is the working poor in many cases. (repeal of the Affordable Care Act). And the senior citizen, who was sick of politics and couldn’t find the energy to vote. I myself, VOTED I was among the 33% who took out the few minutes to cast my ballot. I am also a voter is sick to death over the apathy and disinterest of our country. When will it change? Will it take a depression or collapse of the way of life as we know it? Sounds dramatic but it should be, think about what could and possibly will change in the near future.

To start, the XL-Pipeline is on the agenda to begin 2015. Recently voted down by the lame-duck Senate, it is coming to a vote again in January and WILL PASS. Crappy oil running through a pipeline to the Gulf. Pumped onto a ship and EXPORTED to third world countries who are not concerned about the air they breath. No the people of the United States won’t become energy independent. Big Oil will reap the rewards. (More on XL_Pipeline http://defenderofthemiddleclass.com/xl-pipeline-will-create-nearly-7-billion-jobs )

National Right to Work? The Right to Work Act landed in the backyard of labor, Michigan. The workers and voters there responded with Rick Snyder being re-elected? How is this possible in Democrat Michigan? Hell, New Jersey my home state voters stayed home and re-elected the blow-hard Christie to a second term last year. In Wisconsin, it will be more of the anti-labor, anti-middle-class Walker.

Lack of voter participation is not our only issue.  The candidates are a bigger and more difficult problem. Who is really for the worker, the poor , the middle-class? Those who voted believe it’s the Republicans. Aren’t they responsible for the past 30 years and the income divide?

Burger King merger, political nonsense

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image source: www.clusterflock.org

The recent Burger King, Tim Horton’s announced merger has you feeling? Angry, shocked, or? Myself I am in disbelief. Not of the actual merger or Burger King’s new home of Canada, but of the outrage. Politicians standing up, and speaking out against the new Burger King. “Avoiding Taxes”, you must be kidding! These outraged politicians are the same people who have created the tax game that BK and all the rest of corporate America are playing in. Why should we be surprised? Or is it, the politician playing their game? The game of outrage, acting as if they will do something to protect the tax-base, the middle-class? Washington politicians will they do something about Burger King? Why didn’t they do anything about General Electric when they paid NO taxes?
The issue at hand is not Burger King becoming Canadian and avoiding U.S. Taxes. The issue is the tax-code and the politicians who think we are all stupid! (Though there is no evidence that taxes paid to the U.S will be any less as Burger Kings are franchises.

One big political stunt to get us to believe the little guys being protected. From Obama on down, it’s just political foolishness that far too many of us are believing.