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Donald Trump to head U.S. Commerce Department under Romney?

Trump headed for a Romney cabinet position?
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Is Mitt Romney considering “The Donald” for a position in his administration? Trump has certainly been more visible in the Romney camp since he has locked up the GOP nomination. Trump who has said he would remain active in Republican politics since he withdrew from the presidential race could mean more than just money. Trump who has not been named as a VP candidate could be in line for a more important position.

While we wait to see who the winner is in November, the behind the scenes lobbying for positions in a potential Romney Cabinet is taking place now. Donald Trump, businessman and reality television personality just might end up as the head of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Expanding business domestically and abroad, improving existing trade agreements as well as creating new trade alliances are important functions of the department. Does Donald Trump have the background and experience to be successful leading the Dept. of Commerce? Trump while running for president openly criticised NAFTA, viewing the trade agreement as a large factor in why our economy is suffering. Trumps position is not largely supported by the Republican Party making Trump a trail blazer on this issue.

Donald Trump Commerce Secretary, you’re FIRED, would remain his tag line if he were heading the Commerce Department. Firing our poor trade agreements would be a boom for our economy and jobs. If “The Donald” is the man, we will have to wait until after the November election when these decisions are made public.

Here is a dumb idea, a third party presidential candidate

third-party 2012
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It is not even 2012 yet and the talk of a third-party candidate in the presidential election is gaining traction. Behind the big push is Americans Elect a nonpartisan group who plans an online nominating convention. They have managed to get on the ballot in California and eleven other states. Why? do they think that they can provide us with a candidate, that is really a winning option?

Who actually comes to mind when you think of third-party? Ralph Nader? the Libertarian who has successfully wasted INK on the ballot in far too many election cycles? To be noted, he is the reason for George Bush being elected, Nader took just enough votes away from Gore in Florida to make Bush the winner. (thanks Ralph, you asshole). We can fondly remember H.Ross Perot, the third-party candidate who took nearly 19% of the popular vote in 1992, which made him the most successful third-party candidate in a  presidential election since Roosevelt in 1912.

Taking a look back in history, gives us a great look at what the future holds for a third-party candidate in 2012. It is a DUMB IDEA, that has a chance to spoil the race for Obama or the GOP nominee and that is about it. Proponents, will champion the idea it gives voters a choice. So I can choose between getting kicked in the teeth or getting punched in the mouth. Sounds promising doesn’t it?

What we will get from a third-party besides a wasted vote is _____________. Here is a great opportunity for self promotion though and the first name that comes to my mind is The Donald. Who else could better waste ink on the election ballot?

sources: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/President/2011/1220/Why-2012-could-be-the-year-of-the-third-party-candidate



Fox news poll has The Donald trailing

The recent Fox News poll has “THE DONALD trailing in early polls. The leader is Mitt Romney, with Huckabee close behind. We are a ways from the next election so, why the interest? Its fun!! and with The Donald touring the television scene we will at least get some entertainment. The Donald does trail Chris Christie, someone who says he’s not running. Trump needs to do something crazy to get attention. Maybe show is real bald head. Next up: Paul Ryans roadmap for our future.

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