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National Border Patrol Council endorses Trump membership decline expected

The National Border Patrol Council who represents 16,500 agents has endorsed Republican Donald Trump for President. They have touted Trump as a break from the “Washington-approved tone.” The have went on to say that “Trump was a refreshing change and will embrace the ideas of the rank and file border agent.” Also in their endorsement it was stated that Trump will take on the “special interests.”

Does The National Border Patrol union really believe that Trump is the best man for them? Trumps promise to build a wall which was made early in his campaign has been a consistent theme. Currently using his promise in his campaign ads running in the Pennsylvania market. The wall? Will building a 1000 mile wall that I am sure will have surveillance cameras and such be good for the rank and file? Will the wall be a boom for increased personnel and MEMBERS for their union? High wall that is meant to impede the ability of the unwanted from entering our country is the idea right? I see a decrease in your membership on the horizon.

Moving to Trump and his relationships with unions.  Would one believe that he has an affinity to your union because you protect the border? Or does he believe that your members are overpaid security guards? His record stinks in regards to labor and your starting salaries of about $40,000 may be in jeopardy. Maybe a President  Trump pulls off the ultimate and breaks your union just like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers in 1981.

image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/
image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/







Trump does he really want to win?

Discussing the 2016 presidential election with colleague Valerie Wyne I stumbled across what I believe may be the truth. Trump really doesn’t want to be president. I came to this conclusion after discussing some of his many outrageous statements. Spurred by his latest on punishment for illegal abortions.  With some of the candidates speaking out loudly against Trumps statement. Trump has since backtracked.

Back in November 2015 Trump outraged many again with his remarks on special Muslim identification cards. Quickly and deservedly Trump was compared to Hitler and his branding of the Jewish people.

Trump has made many a wild statement and also has went as far as to mock a handicapped individual.  Later Trump did deny that he did this. Trump’s getting plenty of free press with his statements. In this free media coverage Trump catapulted to front-runner status without really spending any money.

Outrage over Trump. This has been beneficial for the Republican during the nomination process. And lets face it the large field of candidates to start was also beneficial. Especially when many were inferior. Take it to a general election when it isn’t the uneducated (who Trump loves) just voting. Polling shows Trump gets buried.

No serious presidential candidate in decades that has used racism as a platform. Trump desires barriers not just between countries but between people in his remarks about Muslims. His campaign to date has largely been centered on hate and division. I beg for an argument that shows a campaign of ideas or a real plan.  Does Trump really want to win? When you write some of what he has done so far it doesn’t look like he’s really attempting to tap into the true heartbeat of America. Time will tell all and maybe Trumps plan changes. One thing for sure though, Trumps business clout will look even better with the label “former Republican candidate for President”. With that label he may avoid future bankruptcies.


Donald Trump the union buster

Do you support Donald Trump for president? And, are you a union member? If you answered these questions with a “YES” , you are who I am speaking to.  Read before you respond to the simple question of….. WHY?

How Trump responds to unions and organizing his workplaces. In 2007 the union representing dealers at Trump Plaza were in a battle even after they won representation. Trump’s casino worked hard to break the will of the workers. Refusing to bargain with the union, delaying the process of negotiating a contract. When enough time had elapsed under the law, a desertification petition was filed with the National Labor Relations Board.  A requirement for the petition is to have 30% of the members signatures. This is less-than the original amount of no voters when the union was elected. Election numbers 324 YES 149 NO.  So to satisfy a petition to kick start a recall election, 142 signatures. Putting it to numerical terms, Trumps plan was the plan from the start. Unfair labor practice? If not, certainly a SCREW YOU to his workers. In the end, Trump Plaza Casino went bankrupt.

We need not go back this far to see Trump’s hate toward unions. December 2015: The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas where the majority of workers voted to be represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165 of Unite Here.  Trump’s Hotel has filed an objection with the National Labor Relations Board over the outcome of the elections. Trumps management has also been accused by the federal government for violating labor laws, specifically threatening workers. A pattern?

It is difficult to choke down why anyone who is a member of a union would vote for Trump. Voting your interests?  Trump has shown his true colors and rather recently.  Making America great again? What is Trumps idea of great? For that matter what is your idea of great?


image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/
image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/

America’s stupid, the headline heard around the world on Super Tuesday results

If all the polls are correct, Donald Trump will sweep Super Tuesday all but handing him the nomination. The shot heard around the world this time will not be a gunshot. It will be a collective gasp from the world. Followed by, when did America become so stupid?

One may believe that it is the politicians to blame. Life-long Senators, Congressmen and women, screwing up the voting-minds of the people simply by screwing them.  We hear quotes like “the voter is fed up” and the answer is Trump. We the people can blame these politicians all we want for pulling the lever for Trump. But we may want to take a hard look in the mirror before we do.

The collapse of the American family and where to begin. Lets start right at your dinner table. The family breaking bread together and sharing their day and actually talking! How many of you have rules of “NO CELL PHONES AT THE TABLE or NO ELECTRONICS” I know I instituted such a rule, for one just so there was no beeping and chiming going on. Sure my kids weren’t happy and they rushed through dinner to get back to texting and talking. But I tried to advance discussion on a myriad of subjects while we ate, have YOU?

Video games: how have these gaming systems improved our overall intelligence? Sitting around, maybe in a video chair!? For hours at a time, killing zombies, or stealing and driving a car around killing people. Or maybe you’re an active video gamer where you pretend to play tennis, bowl or practice archery? I think they were intended for amusement not for being a lifestyle.

right-wing crap
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Reality television is damn near on every channel. I haven’t watched much of it. So I did some research on what were  the hits of reality television.  I’ve seen a few briefly. What are  we the people learning  from the Kardashians? Has our children learned anything from watching shows like The Flavor of Love or Jersey Shore over the years? Well I guess if you wanted your kids to become drunken whores they had educational value.

America, the land of the free. Free to waste your time doing nothing. Free to complain that everyone else is to blame for your particular plight. Free to stand up and cast a ballot for a candidate who has proven himself to be  xenophobic, sexist, and racist. A dumb candidate for a dumb America.  WE OBVIOUSLY NEED FREE COLLEGE BERNIE!




Our Next First Lady, Melania Trump?

image: en.wikipedia.org
image: en.wikipedia.org

Before I saw her on the television the other night, I had no idea who Donald Trump’s current wife was (too many wives to honestly keep track and why would anyone care to try?).  I have never heard of Melania Trump, who she is, what she does or has done. Hearing an excerpt of her interview  made me wonder, as I am sure many other people did; could this really be our next First Lady?

To look at her, I admit, she is a beautiful woman, definitely the attraction for her husband. The little bit that I heard of her speak, my first thoughts were turned to be purely negative. She seemed scripted and highly uninformed of her own husband’s statements. When asked about Trump’s view on Mexicans, Melania immediately became defensive as any good wife should to protect her husband. Was she truly being protective or does she really know what her husband is trying to portray to America? She stated that the insults to Mexicans made by Trump were only referring to “illegal immigrants”, “he didn’t talk about everybody.”  She then describes her own journey of becoming a legal immigrant and that she followed the law.  Her thoughts on what Trump has said about Muslims and women seems a bit contrary also. She is under the impression that Trump treats women with respect, at least those that work within his organizations. How respectful was he when he said “look at that face…would anyone vote for that?”- referring to Carly Fiorina. Trump doesn’t give respect to anyone unless they are able to do something for him. He was just quoted after his win in Nevada about how much he “loves the poorly educated.”

So what does Melania do to help support Trump’s candidacy? Her looks are her asset to him. I respect her for her involvement in her charity work, including Breast Cancer Research and The Red Cross. She is also a mother and an entrepreneur. However, she has a past history as a model, taking some racy photos including those taken of her naked in her  husband’s plane. Wasn’t Vanessa Williams asked to resign as Miss America for photos that were considered racy? This is possibly our future next First Lady! In comparison to some of our previous women in the White House, how could anyone support this behavior?  Trump would be quick to smear this information about another candidate as quick as he could. My thoughts for Melania are maybe she is better off keeping her mouth closed and continuing to live the stay at home mom life for a while.