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British the European Union will the U.S. follow

americanflag“The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war”

                                                Sydney J. Harris  


The British vote to leave the EU, the British vote to leave the EU, the British vote to leave the EU! So how does this impact the United States? The immediate fallout has been the sell-off on Wall Street which today 6/28/16 will end. Today the buyers will come in and scoop up all the savings of those who sold. The winners again being Wall-Street, and the brokerage houses making money off transactions. But what is the actual sentiment in the U.S. over the British departure? Trump is on board and has already used this event to attempt to bolster his campaign of “Making the U.S. great again” Nationalism and will this theme work in the United States?

If you have followed the EU vote you would know what the issues were and still are. Immigration, the economy, their tax dollars. Issues not much from those in the United States. The economy being in my mind the most important, how will the British economy improve it now that they have left the EU? “Free trade” at some point the British government will be forced into negotiations on trade with their former EU partners. And will the British attempt to negotiate protectionist agreements? Will the remaining EU countries be in the position of power when negotiating new trade agreements? What does the United Kingdom produce? It may be a hard divorce for the British as they will be negotiating with potentially a strong and a bit bitter group of countries.

So in the United States if we were to eliminate NAFTA and abandon the TPP plan, what impact would that have on our economy? Trump wants to renegotiate not eliminate NAFTA, to bring back American jobs. How will he do this? And the more glaring concern, how will manufacturing capacity return to the United States? It won’t any time fast. Just as we lost American jobs to NAFTA over a long period of time it will take that long or longer to get them back. The immediate impact will be higher tariffs on products, raising the costs to U.S. consumers. With current stagnant depressed wages, our consumer economy will slow down and more jobs will be lost. Over the long-term? Who had a crystal ball for what NAFTA would do.

The new British experiment, what will happen? The borders will be tighter, taxes will be higher, consumer costs will increase in the short-term. Over the long haul the only guarantee is that life will be different, not necessarily better. The United States may want to look long and hard at Briton before voting on the Trump Nationalism agenda.





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Trump vs Clinton how fast do you want to hit rock bottom?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, these will be our choices come this November. Sure you can write in somebody, or pull the lever for the Green or Socialist Party, but in the end the winner will be Trump or Clinton (outside of a miracle). A rather depressing dilemma we are in. To be quite frank, I am feeling suicidal. Political/economic suicide to be clear. As a disgusted American I look for intervention as I stand on this ledge.

Why both candidates stink in less-than 500 words:

What does a Hillary presidency offer? “It’s not Trump?” well okay, that would be a positive. Outside of that, Clinton offers plenty of promises, many more after the challenge from Sanders. The reality? Clinton will keep few. The continued issues for America will be: Declining spending power for the middle-class; resulting in more people leaving the middle-class via the route to  becoming poor. We as a country will continue the slow bleed with Clinton. Establishment agenda, the rich will get richer and the hell with everyone else.  There will be no improvement to the ACA. We will have no increase in the minimum wage to $12. Unions will continue to lose out just as they did under the past administration. This will be the future under a President Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump> Under a Trump presidency one thing is for sure, a slow bleed will not occur. Trump is anti-union plain and simple (he has the history). He is also the poster boy for the Top 1%. His economics will be similar to his business ventures. With the exception of bankruptcy not saving him (not sure he understands that). The federal minimum wage will go away not be increased. The ACA will be gone. Social Security will be cut. The wall, if he builds it, more than likely will not be with American labor. The chances of a wall? There will be no wall. Trump will be defined simply as a loud mouth who nobody in Congress listens to. The appeal of Trump and his anti-politician persona may stick with some of his supporters but it won’t get anything done. Trump will be the Executive Order President signing a few. The consumer economy will tumble as more workers are left behind. We will hit a bottom like no bottom we have seen before. With the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court Justices, God Help Us.

Two choices both with not so great futures. The only difference, how fast do you want to hit bottom and start the rebuild? Jumping off the political ledge and writing someone in or not voting at all? How do you change having no hope for our future?


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Mainstream media killed the Bernie Sanders campaign

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The June 7 primaries are in the books and after months of the mainstream media telling us Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, she is. Sanders needed a win in California and he lost by 12% after polls showed him running neck and neck. A New Jersey win would have been nice but he also lost in my home state by 27%. Sanders did win in 2 states, Montana, North Dakota. Many will be writing the obituary for his campaign today and in the coming days. Others will be writing the conspiracy theories against his campaign. The Super Delegate influence and the out of the gate support for Clinton by them. Much of it is true. A single conversation I had after I voted convinced me of the media’s influence favoring Clinton had on voters.

“Hey Paul, did you vote?” Yes sir, I did. “Me too, I voted for Hillary, did you vote for Sanders?” I absolutely did. “I couldn’t vote for him, I liked what he had to say but it was a wasted vote, Hillary is the nominee, why vote for him you saw what the papers were writing?” Why would you let someone tell you how to vote? “THEY DIDN’T” Well, as of yesterday she wasn’t the nominee and currently she is not, so if you liked his message why would you vote for someone else? “He was going to lose” A long pause then the conversation went to fear of the possibility of Trump becoming president and a return to the 1950’s and 60’s in race relations being why he voted Clinton. Returning to the statement of her being the nominee.

The mainstream media succeeded in swaying this individual to vote for Clinton. Fear, most certainly by articles written depicting Trump as a fascist and racist influenced this individuals decision (Trumps behavior of course giving the fuel). But also fear of losing. Sticking with the person who is going to lose this is what this particular voter couldn’t get around. Prior discussions they were not a Clinton fan, in fact they weren’t a Clinton supporter at all. Finding many of issues with her past and what a presidency may look like. So what changed? He read the papers, he heard the mainstream media’s consistent calls for Sanders to step aside. “I liked what he had to say but it was a wasted vote” These words should be ones that all future candidates for change think of when running their campaigns. How many other people voted outside of their beliefs? How many people just stayed home so they didn’t vote for the person who was going to lose?

June 7, 2016 primary results


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If Trump’s elected, what country you moving to?

If Donald Trump’s elected president, you are moving where? Listening to some friends and other discussions on the internet, Canada seems to be the top choice. I guess the closeness to the U.S. in geography being a huge reason many look to Canada for migration.

I have no intent on moving out of the U.S. but for fun what would I look for? I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and believe like him in healthcare for all, and a living wage, so how about Sweden? Or, The Nation of Brunei, located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. With a public debt of ZERO Brunei is one of only 2 countries that can make that claim. Ranked as the fifth richest nation by Forbes magazine in 2011. The country offers free college education, and health care for all. Its GDP per person is $54,800 versus $46,405 in the U.S. in 2014.  Sounds like a great place to live! But….

Islam reigns in the Nation of Brunei and has been adopted as its national religion, and is mixed into the countries laws. The news media is government friendly, and has been given the “NOT FREE” status by Freedom House.

A small country that gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1984 the nation of Brunei has economic appeal. While free college and guaranteed healthcare are important, there are other issues aren’t there? Like being free? There is a price to pay for these freedoms, so we can mark Brunei off the list of places to go when Trump’s elected. ZERO debt and free college? If they can do it why can’t we?



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Who’s to blame for Trump?

” Some Quotes from people I know in support of Trump”

WHO can we blame for the rise of Donald Trump? When he first announced his candidacy I like many certainly didn’t take him seriously. Never underestimate the opponent should be one lesson learned here. The other lesson, the power of negativity! The negativity served up over the years by the Koch Brothers and their network of political organizations  and others like them. The Koch network  has spent huge amounts of money to fight Obama-care, immigration, climate change, common core in schools and frame many political issues. These fights and framing have shaped the voters thinking, but not the way the Koch’s have wanted.

Look around in your workplace or community and see who the Trump supporters are. If you just go by “they are stupid” you are making to general of an assessment. Maybe many are but they all aren’t are they? The campaigns of the Koch’s have polluted the minds of many and brainwashed them. “Obama-Care is welfare” and “too many people are getting a free ride for healthcare, causing me to pay more” are a few quotes I have heard. Sure health care has went up since the Affordable Care Act was passed, (at a slower pace then before, but that doesn’t matter to the Trump supporter). “Trump will repeal the ACA and make a new better plan” When you ask the supporter how the plan will be paid for, this may go unanswered as it did when I asked the question of one of his supporters. Or the response will be to repeat the original statement! “Obama-care is welfare” this statement coming from another supporter. So I ask, don’t you have a child benefitting from the ACA being allowed to remain on your policy? Answer: Yes I do. So if you think the ACA is welfare and repealed why not throw your child off? Answer: if it’s there I’m going to take advantage. So how is that any different then anyone else? Answer: _______________________________________ (representing silence) followed by:

“Trump is going to make America Great Again!” So I ask the supporter, what is your definition of great? “back when we didn’t have so many Mexicans in the country, taking our jobs, bringing crime and drugs here”  Trumps promise of building a wall has ignited the issue, and the belief that a wall can actually be built.  The Koch’s are in support of reform, but pushing for this reform they along with many others have painted the immigrant as a parasite on our economy and costing taxpayers money. This framing, combined with the lack of action by Congress is the catalyst behind the anti-establishment rise as nothing has been done to address what many believe is an “open border.”

What I have found and I am sure many others have as well, is that arguing with a Trump supporter is pointless. Call them stupid or stubborn they know Trump is their man, even if they can’t explain why. Brain-washed? Are the Koch’s to blame? They most definitely can’t get a pass. Do the Koch’s want Trump? They claim they don’t and Hillary Clinton would be a far more acceptable candidate. Unintended consequences have made Trump the top of the Republican Party like it or not. WE can only hope that our country has more thinking people than not come November.




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