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Racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear of the next 4 years?

Trump to drain swamp

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Its been 9 days since the election of Donald Trump as president. In those 9 days I have wrote a single post the morning after election day and that is it. Opting to sit back and listen as the country responded. Protests have sparked up all over the country against the President-Elect. Fueled by fears of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and more. The talk has included the conversation of eliminating the electoral college (just as was the talk after George W Bush got elected). as President-elect Trump did not win the popular vote.

If you have been listening you should have heard the statement of “its time to get behind the president-elect” although I seem to remember the calls not to get behind President Obama and make him a one-term president Mitch McConnell. And the final thumb in your eye to President Obama not having a hearing on confirming a new Supreme Court Justice. Not inspiring facts for me to want to support a Trump Administration.

We have also seen campaign promises broken. Who actually believed that Trump was going to “drain the swamp” ? Trumps recent dance with Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State may indicate a move away from the drain the swamp plan. But if you aren’t convinced or believe that this may be an isolated incident, look at some of the possibilities Trump is considering for Treasury Secretary. Some recognizable names floating around for possible posts Washington Swamp Mongrels Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani?! Not that anyone would be surprised by these two as they have been hanging out at the dinner table for some time waiting for some crumbs to fall.

In these 9 day’s we have also been treated to many laughs at the expensive of the president-elect. My personal favorite the one of Cheetos being left in the White House bathroom in case President Trump needs to powder his nose. Thankfully, there is still some space for humor because we will need it in the coming 1460 days we potentially have a Trump presidency. I say potentially because some believe he will be impeached or resign in his first 2 years.

Am I hoping for a Trump failure? Am I hoping that he resigns amid scandal? Am I hoping that an economy under Trump collapses? No, I am not and neither should anyone else. But we should be working toward the change we want in the next four years. We should work toward the goals of equality in all forms. If you abandon goals because the wrong candidate won you may be the reason why he won.




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George H.W. Bush: Establishment Politics before Party

It’s all over the internet, former President George H.W. Bush will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is a slap in the face to the Republican Party some may say. Donald Trumps’ campaign has basically called it sour grapes, “a tough primary and feelings being hurt” aka they talking about the early exit of Jeb Bush. What do you think? Maybe, establishment politics before party?


Who best represents the interests of big business, Trump or Clinton? Who will invest in war in the middle-east under the guise of protecting Israel? Who will continue on and expand trade-agreements? If you believe what has come out of Donald Trumps’ mouth he is not the candidate who will do those things. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is the candidate who will dump tax money into Israel or as stated in The Times of Israel,  dated September 21 title, “No better friend than Hillary Clinton”. In August 2015 put out a piece on Hillarys’ timeline on her position on trade-agreements. If you weren’t aware she was a supporter of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). And before Senator Sanders was a threat to her nomination, Clinton called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) the “gold standard”.

For clarity, I DO NOT SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP! I do support telling it like it is and the above tells you, Clinton is more of a Republican than Trump is. If it is true that George H.W. Bush will vote for Hillary Clinton on election day he is voting for continuing on with establishment politics, PERIOD. The pathetic Democratic Party has embraced this as something of a good thing for the party. They apparently think all of us are STUPID.

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Racism today how we’ve not learned from No Irish Need Apply

Pic: Jim Thorpe PA defenderofthemiddleclass

Pic: Jim Thorpe PA defenderofthemiddleclass

On a recent visit to Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania I had the opportunity to tour the “Old Jail”. An active jail until the late 1990’s that I have toured a few times since it’s closing. Returning every few years with others who have not visited, and some who have. Each time I visit, I leave with different feelings. Generally inspired by the tour guide and the dialogue I have with my companions during and after the tour. “No Irish need apply”, this sign hangs in many places around Jim Thorpe as a reminder to this past injustice.

Brief History:

The jail was built 1869/1870. The jail is best known for being the site of the executions of  Molly Maguires (unionists) suspected of murder. This history being what drives the tourism to the jail which is now a museum. Prior to the execution of one of the prisoners he rubbed his hand along the floor and placed his dirt covered hand on the wall, declaring his innocence in the murders “my print a symbol of my innocence.” The print has been painted over, plaster removed and re-plastered, but the print returned. Did they execute an innocent man? The print which remains today would indicate he was.

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Who were the Molly Maguire’s

With 22,000 workers (5500 children) coal mining was the largest industry in Pennsylvania. The working conditions were unsafe, wages low. Many workers became indentured servants to the company. Living in company houses. Buying supplies at company stores, all at inflated prices. The exploitation of mine workers was the basis for the Molly Maguire activity in the area. Some historians believe that all of their work was clandestine, others do not. Death, injury and exploitation is why this group became active. (In a seven-year period 566 miners were killed and 1655 were seriously injured) Many of these exploited workers were Irish immigrants who spoke little if any English.

My visit and feelings:

As I started out saying, each time I visit I leave with different feelings. this time the feeling, how little has really changed since the coal mining days. Today instead of Irish immigrants, it is the Mexicans and those who believe in Islam being singled out. Just as the Coal Miners were fighting for a fair wage, the Fight for 15 is in full protest mode. Our modern-day indentured servants to the company, those working and still living in poverty. “No Irish need apply” We have Presidential candidate Donald Trump advocating building a wall on our border to  keep out who he has tagged as “rapists and murderers”, and desires a “super-vetting” process for those who worship Islam and other immigrant groups. Trump wants to abolish the minimum wage, a shot at many immigrants who work in low-wage jobs.

Despite all the political correctness our society clearly discriminates based off of race. How do you explain the support for Donald Trump? His message is about division, racially and economically and people are flocking to him?! Our country is divided without a doubt, being divided by wealth the most insidious problem of this election cycle. This wealth is being used to divide the 99 percent one ethnic group at a time. “We the People” need to understand what power the economic divide has over our country, and tear down that wall! Exposing those who truly are the real problem, the 1%.



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Trump’s foreign policy experience Obama 2008?

“Experience in Washington is not knowledge of the world” In a 2008 New York Times article candidate Barack Obama made this statement in an effort to counter accusations that he lacked foreign policy experience. In the 08 election, Obama cited his ties to relatives in poor villages in Kenya and growing up in Indonesia as some of his real life experiences that was his education in foreign policy. Arguably, his opponent in the primary Hillary Clinton had more foreign policy experience. As did his general election opponent Senator John McCain. But despite his lack of traditional foreign policy experience candidate Obama won both races to become President Obama.

Fast forward to the 2016 election we have Hillary Clinton with all the traditional foreign policy experience and Donald Trump who has zero experience. But does he really? Comparing to President Obama’s living in another country or having family in a foreign land?  Trump has made some scary statements that is for sure! . But with that said, comparing his foreign business dealings with living abroad, I see some difference. To argue that Trump may have more than Obama did in 08? Trump has invested money in foreign countries. Dealt with government officials in some form or another in getting deals done. Wouldn’t this experience help in gaining knowledge of a countries customs and ultimately becoming versed in some type of foreign affairs?



We may not agree on Trumps positions such as making the North Korean President disappear. And we might view it and some of his other statements as reckless (which I do!) But in the end when they say “Trump has NO foreign policy experience.”? Back in 08 former Obama policy advisor Susan E. Rice said that “Mr. Obama’s experience provides a different kind of insight.” Can we make the same argument for Trump’s experience? “a different kind of insight” Let us not have a convenient memory when the president and other Clinton supporters cast these stones.



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Media’s use of fear begins in protection of Clinton say no to third-party voting

Now that Bernie Sanders is gone the media is on the mission of trashing third-party candidates. And not just one, as we have two major (though minor) third-party contenders, Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party). The fear is not that either of them will win. The fear is they will siphon off enough votes so their candidate will lose. Hillary Clinton is the candidate most likely to be hurt by the third-party vote. Especially if the voter turnout is low.


A few days back I commented on an article posted on a major media outlet on how Jill Stein Green Party has no chance of winning. I don’t comment on others work very often but my compulsion to do so I could not resist. The article more or less was sheep-herding, attempting to scare the sheep who have escaped with fear of what a fascist dictator a President Trump will be. “Your wasted vote” will be the reason why your rights will be repealed and freedoms gained by all citizens in this country will disappear and so on. Your VOTE, “DON’T WASTE IT! By the looks of the responses I received in return, some sheep have already scurried back to the pen and some may have never left.

Presidential candidate Jill Stein


My Comment: If 32 million voters said: “I can’t vote Hillary or Trump, I’m voting for Jill Stein” would she have a chance? We the People could make change if we stopped with the “a third-party would never win” one vote, one person, is all it takes. 

Some of  the comments responding:

(This my favorite)

  1. Paul Betzler All that kool-aid you’ve drinking will kill you soon enough, Paul, so you will be denied the “virtuous” end you find so attractive I fear. Plenty of us know fresh water and fresh air when it is offered to us and our choice is to go on living and becoming stronger together.

(So Hillary Clinton is now fresh air and water?)

2. With zero green party members in Congress, how would any of the green party initiatives ever get anywhere? Do these people have any idea of how laws are actually made?

(How many Independents are in Congress? Isn’t Bernie Sanders an Independent?)

3.  Paul Betzler, you sound like one of the undercover Russian trolls trolling on behalf of Putin’s boy, fascist Nazi Trump

(Some real fear seems to be residing in the person who wrote this)

4.  In 2012 Obama and Romney both got 50 million plus. Jill got 534,000.

(Math will make you vote differently. So we had 103 million voters in last election. If we take my statement of “IF Jill Stein received 32 million votes. we have left 71 million left for Clinton and Trump. That is if we have the same voter turnout and Gary Johnson Libertarian gets zero votes. I did say Jill Stein would have a chance didn’t I?)

5.  The Green party candidate and the Libertarian candidates are not going anywhere. Although one might like them, none of them have a chance of getting 10% of the vote. So, votes for them are wasted votes. So, I would rather my vote be more meaningful than pure.

(More meaningful than pure. Good point and if you are on the side of purity, you certainly are not voting Clinton or Trump.)

These are just a few of the responses, the rest of the responses basically were of the same sentiment. Wasting your vote and I am a nut. And maybe I am nuts as I do not want to be herded into a pen and told when to eat, when to shit, when to drink (of the not so pure water). Although I am disappointed in the outcome of the Bernie Sanders campaign and his subsequent endorsement of Clinton he did wake me up. As I stated in my comment, 1 person equals 1 vote. I get it that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson have ZERO chance of winning the election under our current system. The system of big money and big business leveraging their power to win elections and frame outsiders as lunatics, or left-wing or right-wing nuts. But if I am to define myself as a person in one word that word would be leader. I have educated myself on the issues and I value my vote. You may not think so with my opinion and that’s fine. After election day and for the next four years I will wake up and look in the mirror and know, I didn’t allow myself to be herded in to the pen. I voted my conscience, I voted for a better life for the country. I did my civic duty unswayed by the bias bought and paid for by the mainstream media and big business.


{ In total the original comment received 27 likes. Negative comments I reprinted 5 of 153.}

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