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Who’s to blame for Trump?

” Some Quotes from people I know in support of Trump”

WHO can we blame for the rise of Donald Trump? When he first announced his candidacy I like many certainly didn’t take him seriously. Never underestimate the opponent should be one lesson learned here. The other lesson, the power of negativity! The negativity served up over the years by the Koch Brothers and their network of political organizations  and others like them. The Koch network  has spent huge amounts of money to fight Obama-care, immigration, climate change, common core in schools and frame many political issues. These fights and framing have shaped the voters thinking, but not the way the Koch’s have wanted.

Look around in your workplace or community and see who the Trump supporters are. If you just go by “they are stupid” you are making to general of an assessment. Maybe many are but they all aren’t are they? The campaigns of the Koch’s have polluted the minds of many and brainwashed them. “Obama-Care is welfare” and “too many people are getting a free ride for healthcare, causing me to pay more” are a few quotes I have heard. Sure health care has went up since the Affordable Care Act was passed, (at a slower pace then before, but that doesn’t matter to the Trump supporter). “Trump will repeal the ACA and make a new better plan” When you ask the supporter how the plan will be paid for, this may go unanswered as it did when I asked the question of one of his supporters. Or the response will be to repeat the original statement! “Obama-care is welfare” this statement coming from another supporter. So I ask, don’t you have a child benefitting from the ACA being allowed to remain on your policy? Answer: Yes I do. So if you think the ACA is welfare and repealed why not throw your child off? Answer: if it’s there I’m going to take advantage. So how is that any different then anyone else? Answer: _______________________________________ (representing silence) followed by:

“Trump is going to make America Great Again!” So I ask the supporter, what is your definition of great? “back when we didn’t have so many Mexicans in the country, taking our jobs, bringing crime and drugs here”  Trumps promise of building a wall has ignited the issue, and the belief that a wall can actually be built.  The Koch’s are in support of reform, but pushing for this reform they along with many others have painted the immigrant as a parasite on our economy and costing taxpayers money. This framing, combined with the lack of action by Congress is the catalyst behind the anti-establishment rise as nothing has been done to address what many believe is an “open border.”

What I have found and I am sure many others have as well, is that arguing with a Trump supporter is pointless. Call them stupid or stubborn they know Trump is their man, even if they can’t explain why. Brain-washed? Are the Koch’s to blame? They most definitely can’t get a pass. Do the Koch’s want Trump? They claim they don’t and Hillary Clinton would be a far more acceptable candidate. Unintended consequences have made Trump the top of the Republican Party like it or not. WE can only hope that our country has more thinking people than not come November.



Donald Trump’s Vice-Presidential pick is

Now that Ted Cruz has stolen Carly Fiorina away from Trump who will be his nominee for VP? The Republican Party is badly damaged. Healing of the party will need to be a priority as well as bringing women, minorities and moderates to the voting booths.

The voter backlash should tell the GOP one thing, they need to get this pick right. With that in mind I scoured over the internet looking for some experienced people who would not turn people off, please the base and the GOP party bosses/donors.

image Wikipedia.org
image Wikipedia.org

Martha McSally> Congresswoman from Arizona she is also a former Air Force pilot retiring with the rank of colonel. Winning her election in 2014 after a recount.  McSally is a Pro-lifer, would repeal the Affordable Care Act, and doesn’t support tax increases on any level.  She’s on record supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline and sending illegals home first before they can apply for citizenship. Martha McSally is not perfectly aligned with Trump but she is in line with the GOP donor base.

image: Wikipedia.org
image: Wikipedia.org

Nikki Haley> Elected South Carolina’s 116th governor she endorsed Marco Rubio and once he left she saddled up to Ted Cruz. She’s currently in her second term which will end in 2019. The GOP put her out front of the party in 2016 as Haley responded to President Obama’s state of the union. She previously was in the South Carolina House of representatives serving from 2004. Nikki Haley’s mantra is anti-tax and has been since running for her first elected office.  Being a daughter of an immigrant Nikki Haley’s stance on immigration is to enforce the laws of the land. Proven track record of GOP economics, a great appeal to the party donors. Yes Koch Brothers she’s a less regulations gal.

Two choices for Trump that would unite the party and more importantly bring over some women, moderates and maybe a few minority voters. Between Martha McSally and Nikki Haley? Haley would bring executive experience and more political experience to the White House. Both though would improve Trump’s image with women. Who will be Trump’s pick? Both are good choices but would they even want the job?


National Border Patrol Council endorses Trump membership decline expected

The National Border Patrol Council who represents 16,500 agents has endorsed Republican Donald Trump for President. They have touted Trump as a break from the “Washington-approved tone.” The have went on to say that “Trump was a refreshing change and will embrace the ideas of the rank and file border agent.” Also in their endorsement it was stated that Trump will take on the “special interests.”

Does The National Border Patrol union really believe that Trump is the best man for them? Trumps promise to build a wall which was made early in his campaign has been a consistent theme. Currently using his promise in his campaign ads running in the Pennsylvania market. The wall? Will building a 1000 mile wall that I am sure will have surveillance cameras and such be good for the rank and file? Will the wall be a boom for increased personnel and MEMBERS for their union? High wall that is meant to impede the ability of the unwanted from entering our country is the idea right? I see a decrease in your membership on the horizon.

Moving to Trump and his relationships with unions.  Would one believe that he has an affinity to your union because you protect the border? Or does he believe that your members are overpaid security guards? His record stinks in regards to labor and your starting salaries of about $40,000 may be in jeopardy. Maybe a President  Trump pulls off the ultimate and breaks your union just like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers in 1981.

image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/
image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/







Trump does he really want to win?

Discussing the 2016 presidential election with colleague Valerie Wyne I stumbled across what I believe may be the truth. Trump really doesn’t want to be president. I came to this conclusion after discussing some of his many outrageous statements. Spurred by his latest on punishment for illegal abortions.  With some of the candidates speaking out loudly against Trumps statement. Trump has since backtracked.

Back in November 2015 Trump outraged many again with his remarks on special Muslim identification cards. Quickly and deservedly Trump was compared to Hitler and his branding of the Jewish people.

Trump has made many a wild statement and also has went as far as to mock a handicapped individual.  Later Trump did deny that he did this. Trump’s getting plenty of free press with his statements. In this free media coverage Trump catapulted to front-runner status without really spending any money.

Outrage over Trump. This has been beneficial for the Republican during the nomination process. And lets face it the large field of candidates to start was also beneficial. Especially when many were inferior. Take it to a general election when it isn’t the uneducated (who Trump loves) just voting. Polling shows Trump gets buried.

No serious presidential candidate in decades that has used racism as a platform. Trump desires barriers not just between countries but between people in his remarks about Muslims. His campaign to date has largely been centered on hate and division. I beg for an argument that shows a campaign of ideas or a real plan.  Does Trump really want to win? When you write some of what he has done so far it doesn’t look like he’s really attempting to tap into the true heartbeat of America. Time will tell all and maybe Trumps plan changes. One thing for sure though, Trumps business clout will look even better with the label “former Republican candidate for President”. With that label he may avoid future bankruptcies.


Donald Trump the union buster

Do you support Donald Trump for president? And, are you a union member? If you answered these questions with a “YES” , you are who I am speaking to.  Read before you respond to the simple question of….. WHY?

How Trump responds to unions and organizing his workplaces. In 2007 the union representing dealers at Trump Plaza were in a battle even after they won representation. Trump’s casino worked hard to break the will of the workers. Refusing to bargain with the union, delaying the process of negotiating a contract. When enough time had elapsed under the law, a desertification petition was filed with the National Labor Relations Board.  A requirement for the petition is to have 30% of the members signatures. This is less-than the original amount of no voters when the union was elected. Election numbers 324 YES 149 NO.  So to satisfy a petition to kick start a recall election, 142 signatures. Putting it to numerical terms, Trumps plan was the plan from the start. Unfair labor practice? If not, certainly a SCREW YOU to his workers. In the end, Trump Plaza Casino went bankrupt.

We need not go back this far to see Trump’s hate toward unions. December 2015: The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas where the majority of workers voted to be represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165 of Unite Here.  Trump’s Hotel has filed an objection with the National Labor Relations Board over the outcome of the elections. Trumps management has also been accused by the federal government for violating labor laws, specifically threatening workers. A pattern?

It is difficult to choke down why anyone who is a member of a union would vote for Trump. Voting your interests?  Trump has shown his true colors and rather recently.  Making America great again? What is Trumps idea of great? For that matter what is your idea of great?


image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/
image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/