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Ted Cruz does half citizen qualify?

Donald Trump believes Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for the nations highest office as he was born in Canada. Not new news as this fact has dogged Cruz throughout his political life. Cruz did have dual citizenship but decided to renounce his Canadian roots in 2014. (Just in time to run for president!!)  Trumps attacks have coincided with Cruz’s rise in the polls and predicted winner of the Iowa Caucuses.

The bottom line on Cruz’s background. His father was a Cuban born citizen. His mother born in Delaware. They resided in Calgary Canada when Ted Cruz was born. So, the mother was recognized a citizen of the United States, the father was not. Does being a half-citizen count for the purposes of satisfying our constitutional requirement?

As we know this isn’t the first time Trump has raised the birth issue.  Obama who eventually provided his birth certificate  proved Trump wrong. Cruz’s  predicament is a bit different. He was born in Canada.

Is Trump showing desperation in this latest attack? Or is it and or will it be an issue for Cruz?

The real questions:

  1. Is being born with one parent a United States citizen in a different country qualify you as a citizen?

2. Should the United States Supreme Court weigh in on the subject to solidify the meaning in the constitution.

3. Does the Constitution need to be clarified?

My struggle,  why did Cruz wait until 2014 to renounce his Canadian citizenship?

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Immigration in the 2016 election

My belief is we need to give people a path to legal status. “You pay your fines, you get provisional work permits, where you come out of the shadows, you pay taxes, you pay fines, you don’t receive government assistance, you learn English, you don’t commit crimes. Any of those things that you do would be a deportable offense.” Jeb Bush Feb 2015

Reforming immigration, a campaign topic that will again be a campaign issue in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Jeb Bush’s statement above made while speaking to the Club for Growth in Florida. Bush’s statement is far from cutting edge. In Novemeber 2014 President Obama was making the same statement when he bypassed Congress, “If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law President Obama Nov. 2014. (http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/20/politics/obama-immigration-speech/)

Although not the same position on the subject overall this statement is the same. Make right with the government and all will be well. Both Jeb Bush and Obama believe illegal immigrants have an overall desire to come out of the shadows and pay taxes? Myself and I am sure many American’s struggle with the idea of this.

Immigration and the need to reform? If we do not enforce the plan we already have, why would we enforce a new plan? President Obama took executive action in 2014 simply because Congress would not pass any bill. Why would they not pass one? Because they lack character and more so fear voter rebellion.

So can Jeb Bush change the direction of the country, who has been wthout direction for the last twenty years on immigration? I would have to say NO. Big business wants cheap labor. Big business is getting cheap labor for the “jobs nobody wants to do” and MORE! Jeb Bush will not change immigration. And for that matter neither will any of the other candidates. The country is BROKEN not the system. The illegal immigrant can come to this country. Work for higher wages then they have ever earned. They also can get healthcare and, attend our schools free of charge. This the bottom line on why reform will not work. To the illegal immigrantthe system is working just fine.   The businesses who make money off their labor, the system is working just fine, the same group who buys elections.

“In it to win it” Bernie Sanders 2016

“Only God saves more then Bernie” If you are from the Philadelphia area you know that this slogan is tied to Flyer great Bernie Parent. The usefulness of it in regard to Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid? Well fellow Americans, Bernie Sanders will certainly need some divine intervention if he is to come away with the Democratic nomination. Sanders is a true underdog. He is not the parties choice, so the donors sure won’t be lining up to fill his campaign war chest. So where will the campaign donations come from? Or where should they be coming from?

The importance of a Sanders victory to the 99%. We are dying a slow economic death at the hands of the 1%. This will end quickly and not without mercy. That is unless “we” dig into our pockets, raise or voices and scream “we need Sanders!” Sanders has spoken out against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The trade agreement that will finish off the middle-class, and eliminating hope for those who want to be with us. No candidate so far has taken such a firm position against the TPP. Sanders also took his position against before he was even asked as a candidate. There are many issues to consider when selecting a candidate. But, none more important than economic survival for the 99%.

Educate yourself on the devastation that was the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Can we the 99% continue if another trade agreement that is equal to 40% of the worlds economy is signed? The shrinking middle-class, and the increasing ranks of those in poverty, have a life raft available. That raft is Bernie Sanders and I hope we will be saying, “Only God saves more than Bernie Sanders” in 2016.
Know your candidates and Vote Smart.

Suggested: http://www.defenderofthemiddleclass.com/the-new-constitution



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image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/

Obama turning his back on American Workers, Trans Pacific Partnership full steam ahead

state of the union
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President Obama’s legacy, what will it be? “The first African American President”? Or “The President that killed the American Middle-Class?” The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement currently being negotiated that is closer to reality with each passing day. We have covered this in the past in two posts, for your consideration links below.



Briefly recapping the previous posts, the United States will be entering into this agreement with 11 nations from South America and the Pacific Rim. NAFTA on steroids is how it has been described, with the agreement 40% of the world economy will be wrapped up in the TPP. Again with promises of increased opportunity for American Workers in wages and job growth. (?)

The White House now desires “fast-track authority” from Congress to negotiate the deal which if it does approve will leave Congress with just an up or down vote on the agreement. We should expect a fierce battle from the GOP led Congress as they do support “free-trade” just not President Obama. If Obama get’s it done or not depends much on Congress. But with under two years remaining on his second-term we better get asking the question of candidates. As their answers might make 2016 THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME. Where does Hillary Clinton and the GOP candidates stand on this issue?  We MUST make this an election issue.

Hillary Clinton, announces 2016 bid, all others may bail at anytime?

The long-awaited announcement  has come, Hillary Clinton is running for president. This will be her second run at America’s top job. Clinton’s political experience, Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term (09-13). Senator representing the state of New York (01-09). And as we all know First Lady (93-01).

The question that I, who am loyal to the Democratic Party has, “What viable opponent will run against Clinton during the primary?” Vice president Biden has interest in a run but, he is not a viable candidate. Elizabeth Warren, a media darling who many would like to see run has not indicated she will. So who is left???

Clinton’s fall from the democratic machine’s good grace’s (and money) during her first run is a concern. My concern would be if she’s simply “anointed the Democratic candidate” with no competition. If so, it may be a shaky election day in 2016 running against the Republican nominee. And who will that be???? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie? None look like contenders today but we are a long way and a ton of money away from November 2016.