Hillary Clinton, announces 2016 bid, all others may bail at anytime?

The long-awaited announcement  has come, Hillary Clinton is running for president. This will be her second run at America’s top job. Clinton’s political experience, Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term (09-13). Senator representing the state of New York (01-09). And as we all know First Lady (93-01).

The question that I, who am loyal to the Democratic Party has, “What viable opponent will run against Clinton during the primary?” Vice president Biden has interest in a run but, he is not a viable candidate. Elizabeth Warren, a media darling who many would like to see run has not indicated she will. So who is left???

Clinton’s fall from the democratic machine’s good grace’s (and money) during her first run is a concern. My concern would be if she’s simply “anointed the Democratic candidate” with no competition. If so, it may be a shaky election day in 2016 running against the Republican nominee. And who will that be???? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie? None look like contenders today but we are a long way and a ton of money away from November 2016.

The Republican train is coming

image: insurancejournal.com

image: insurancejournal.com

“I hear that train a coming, it’s rolling around the bend” The train? The soon to be Republican  controlled  Congress. What is at stake, the environment, health care, social security, Medicare, the list is potentially endless. When the blood-letting begins and the cries of foul come from the mouth’s of those effected STOP! Think for a minute, what could you have done better? Far too many people remained on the sidelines for this mid-term election. The MANDATE of the people, 33% of voters showed up to cast votes and the majority were REPUBLICANS. By their own hand Democrats will cut the programs and policies that they are endeared too.

Blame> Plenty to go around , from the lazy union worker who did not go to the polls. ( might they fall victim to a National Right to Work?) To the Walmart worker, who is the working poor in many cases. (repeal of the Affordable Care Act). And the senior citizen, who was sick of politics and couldn’t find the energy to vote. I myself, VOTED I was among the 33% who took out the few minutes to cast my ballot. I am also a voter is sick to death over the apathy and disinterest of our country. When will it change? Will it take a depression or collapse of the way of life as we know it? Sounds dramatic but it should be, think about what could and possibly will change in the near future.

To start, the XL-Pipeline is on the agenda to begin 2015. Recently voted down by the lame-duck Senate, it is coming to a vote again in January and WILL PASS. Crappy oil running through a pipeline to the Gulf. Pumped onto a ship and EXPORTED to third world countries who are not concerned about the air they breath. No the people of the United States won’t become energy independent. Big Oil will reap the rewards. (More on XL_Pipeline http://defenderofthemiddleclass.com/xl-pipeline-will-create-nearly-7-billion-jobs )

National Right to Work? The Right to Work Act landed in the backyard of labor, Michigan. The workers and voters there responded with Rick Snyder being re-elected? How is this possible in Democrat Michigan? Hell, New Jersey my home state voters stayed home and re-elected the blow-hard Christie to a second term last year. In Wisconsin, it will be more of the anti-labor, anti-middle-class Walker.

Lack of voter participation is not our only issue.  The candidates are a bigger and more difficult problem. Who is really for the worker, the poor , the middle-class? Those who voted believe it’s the Republicans. Aren’t they responsible for the past 30 years and the income divide?

Governor Christie, why he’s not presidential material


image source:www.leighvalleylive.com

Governor Christie as head of the Republican Governor’s Association was in Iowa last week. Raising money and stumping for himself as well as other presidential hopefuls. Christie has yet to say that he is planning to run and this visit is not going to change his announced status.

The short of  “why Christie cannot win a presidential election”:

1> His personality, Christie who has never apologized for who he is or to quote Christie  “I am who I am” (isn’t that a Popeye quote?)  Bluster, yelling and his bombastic personality the main reason why he will not win a single primary if he runs. Iowa or any mid-west state has little interest in this style of management. With some, they blame that personality directly for Christie’s Fort Lee scandal. Taking that personality to the South and the Bible belt? Unless Christie plans to yell bible versus suddenly, his personality and delivery will be a hindrance to his campaign.


2> Christie the liberal? Living in New Jersey it was difficult to type those three words. But taking his record on the road, Christie is far too moderate on issues that are important to the Republican party. Guns for one, Christie only recently danced around  and vetoed a gun measure. It had state Democrats up in arms, but even the Gun Right realize that Christie vetoed for presidential aspirations.


3> Fiscal failure> $1.57 BILLION reasons the Republican party will turn down Christie. Promising pension reform in his first-term, this amount represents his budget shortfall. Christie will avoid making pension payments to balance the budget. Kicking the can down the road in New Jersey yet again, Christie is no different then his predecessor Governor Corzine.

We are a long, long way from 2016 and much can and will happen. Names will come. Names will go. Christie’s name will be mentioned some more along the way. But when the name mentioning really matters, Christie’s WILL NOT BE HEARD.


Tom Wolf, is he your pick?

image: insurancejournal.com

image: insurancejournal.com

With the last debate in the primary cycle in the rear view mirror, ‘who’s your pick?’ Money buys elections and Tom Wolf is sitting at the top of the heap heading into the Democratic primary.
Don’t believe the ads! While the low information voter might rely on them, we certainly should know that they are chock full of B.S. The attacks on Wolf, the most misleading, with the emphasis on Wolf “THE TAX COLLECTOR”, who allegedly raised taxes by 17% in PA. Wolf who worked under Governor Rendell was in fact the tax man, though not responsible for the proposed 1% tax hike, that was Rendell. But the emphasis in the ad, heck who likes the man with the label “tax-collector?” The other label appropriately applied to Wolf, “millionaire”.The way it is used in the ads, the same way used by democrats to frame the Republican Party. Millionaire equals EVIL, yes?

Whether Wolf is your pick or not, the ads against him are strong, pointed and with little accuracy. Why did we pick out Wolf and the ads against him? Isn’t that where all the focus is? Afterall, he is rich, has bought tons of ad time and he is way ahead. Putting him on the radar of Republicans for general election time. Low information voters, that is who put him in the lead in the polls, only appropriate they believe the nonsense against Wolf now.

Politics with the poor, minimum wage increase voted down.

The proposed legislation to increase the federal minimum wage has been shot down again. The Republican controlled Congress continues to block increasing wages for Americas lowest paid workers and ‘why’? Well the quote from Speaker John Boehner, ‘ America can’t afford the increase in this stagnant economy.’ Boehner is correct that America has a stagnant economy. The “can’t afford” is the dumb of his statement.
Our consumer economy can’t afford more purchasing power? This would be the end result from any minimum wage increase as the working poor would put directly back into the economy. President Obama’s statement after, equally as dumb, portraying the increase as if the poor would no longer be poor. In the end, the legislation on increasing the minimum wage is election year politics. Nothing more! A disgraceful display by both parties.

Debt deal? Washington will punt again to attack your Social Security


image source: www.teambuildinginc.com

Time is running out on the debt ceiling with Congress and President Obama getting closer to a deal. Again, America is being subjected to last-minute politics averting tragedy. Well tragedy might be a little dramatic and I say this because of history. Never has America defaulted on debt, so it is safe to say the do-nothings in Washington will get a deal done. The deal? Extending the debt for six months or a year, temporarily saving America, punting the ball for another future potential tragedy.

At risk of change, Social Security, Health Care and revenue. Revenue being taxes, Republicans again will push for tax reform that will benefit business and the few at the price of everyone else. Reducing taxes what effect it will have on the bottom line? The rudimentary math is the country is running a $750 billion deficit, reducing taxes will drive this number higher. The answer to closing the gap, entitlement reform to include Social Security and Medicare putting the retired at risk and the future of many in peril.

The ridiculous statement that imply government is in the way is an oxymoron. Government is clearly in the way, creating events at a semi-annual rate, governing a few months at a time. But there is a long-term strategy and that is to move the remaining riches to the few, finishing off the diminishing voices of protest and create the two-class economy. Personal responsibility, when if ever will Washington be held to this standard? They certainly believe the poor and the soon to be poor (middle-class) need to be held to it.

The tale of two Republicans, Christie and Corbett


image source:www.leighvalleylive.com

Approval ratings, does policy have an impact on the numbers? One would think that the voter would measure leadership by their success. Employment, taxes, the overall health of the economy, a logical scale. But the tale of New Jersey’s Governor Christie and Pennsylvania’s Governor Corbett has them on opposite ends of approval. Both have enacted similar policies that have not had the same success. Governor Corbett has slashed spending to education, Christie has slashed education. Christie has privatized the states public television which voters seemed to approve of. Corbett’s attempt at privatizing the lottery and alcohol sales as not been met with the same approval.  These are a few examples just to show their similar paths.

Governor Christie’s approval rating, a whopping 70%. Governor Corbett’s approval rating, stands at 36%

The nuts and bolts of Governor Christie’s economy, 9.6% unemployment rate, the highest it has been in 35 years. So when the governor spoke to the people of New Jersey in January (State of the State address), he mentioned unemployment and a jobs plan not once. Housing in the state has followed the same path as the nation, losing value. But as the country began to recover, New Jersey continued to decline and foreclosures have increased from last year to this year as well as 7.7% of NJ homeowners in foreclosure. The New Jersey economy is in shambles.

Governor Corbett’s economy is no economic boom but it is certainly better in regards to jobs. Unemployment in the state is 7.5% and on the decline. Corbett after slashing education has come back to add funding. Taxes, unlike New Jersey is not a burden for the Corbett Administration. Corbett has some of the same issues as Christie in regards to gun control and gay marriage, Corbett has not taken the Christie position, let the voters vote on it.

Just on unemployment and the overall health of the economy Corbett should be doing better in the polls. Christie’s  near 10% unemployment, if it was all about the economy his approval would look more like Corbett’s. Is Pennsylvania voters smarter than New Jersey’s? Well they certainly can recognize that above 7% unemployment is not a success. Which leads me to Christie’s approval rating, it has all to do with personality and nothing to do with success. New Jersey’s voters or that 70% are STOOPID (with a Jersey accent). What can possibly change the mind-set of those 70%? Maybe we should listen to the politics across the river, they seem to have more on the ball.

Smith and Wesson’s profits continue to soar while Washington talks

image source: http://nikadon.com/free-guns-pistols-shortgun-and-rifles-wallpaper-for-computer-desktop-and-laptop-of-high-resolution/gun-9/

image source: http://nikadon.com/free-guns-pistols-shortgun-and-rifles-wallpaper-for-computer-desktop-and-laptop-of-high-resolution/gun-9/

In the aftermath of the Connecticut school massacre, the country has been the victim yet again of do nothing  Washington. Since the shootings, the leaders of Washington have promised change. Others have taken their typical stances on protecting the Constitutional right to bear arms. President Obama has laid out a plan for change and through Vice President Biden have articulated what they believe is needed.

related information: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-01-25/politics/36542149_1_background-checks-gun-buyers-background-check-system

Through it all, FEAR of change has spurred gun sales, fueling gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson’s projected profits.(quarterly results to be announced today, expected to have tripled). The White Houses key proposal, background checks, could this alone be why sales are soaring? Or is it the gun advocates spreading the fear of bans? What’s the responsible response to the latest massacre certainly requires actual action. While the powers of Washington play politics the big business of manufacturing and selling guns is reaping huge rewards.

More guns on the streets, this seems to be the trend after massacres. What has actually happened after recent tragedies, plenty of shareholder profit, talk and lies. Hopefully this time words will become actions. If Washington has no real intent of changing anything, if they all just shut the hell up, they might keep some guns off the street.

Screwing up Social Security, starting with Reagan and to be finished by his party the Republicans


image source: www.sodahead.com

Lies and deception, this is how the Republican Party and Mitt Romney have successfully moved many to believe that”entitlements” namely Social Security are bankrupting the nation. We have heard it now for quite some time and many voters have bought in to this belief. To pick on those who are collecting these “huge checks” would seem appropriate considering the state of current politics, so I will jump on the train and pick on those BUMS, SENIOR CITIZENS!

These lousy, self-centered seniors come in two groups, those who collect “HUGE CHECKS” and those who collect “HUGE CHECKS” and support Republican Mitt Romney.

Senior supporters of Mitt: First you must understand that YOU are WHO the Republicans are targeting, which apparently to know this is lost on you. Maybe the double-speaking Mitt Romney has you confused. It could be that you don’t recall how these crazy, over generous benefits have become as the GOP states, “too rich to afford”. So let us take a quick trip down memory lane…

Question #1: Under what President did the acceleration of  borrowing on social security begin? That is when did the federal government begin robbing YOUR Social Security dollars for the federal budget.   1987  and that would be President Ronald Reagan. From 1987 to 1989 the federal government’s borrowing on Social Security went from $50 billion to $100 billion. This theft of YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY DOLLARS also coincided with President Reagan cutting tax rates to include the RICH! President Reagan’s budget, unbalanced running up debt as well, while your Social Security helped in pumping money into the budget.

Since the beloved tax-cutting budgeting of President Reagan, the federal government has never stopped in its mystical money moving. Now in 2012, the federal government “borrows” nearly  $800 billion for social security,selling t-bills to CHINA!

To place blame on the people to include America’s wonderful senior population, what words can possibly come to mind? If we buy into this notion, then the word to label the American people and SENIORS would be IDIOT! BLAME and who to blame? The beginning of this event should be where it is placed should it not? Well taking that to heart, the blame lies at the feet of President Ronald Reagan and you do remember he was a REPUBLICAN don’t you?

GREAT READING OF TRUTH http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ARTICLE2/budget.php:

Kerry Gauthier and Todd Akin want to “let the voters decide”

Romney GOP nominee

image source:http://egb63.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/

If we can’t quite figure out yet what the hell is wrong with this country, we are obviously ignoring the obvious. In the news recently two politicians have made the news for their stupid decisions,”gaffes” or whatever label you would like to apply. The GOP, is now burdened with Senate candidate Todd Akin, with his “legitimate rape” opinion. Akin, who is ignoring the calls of resignation by his party, believes that the voters should decide in the fall.

In a totally unrelated Democratic scandal, we have Minnesota House Representative Kerry Gauthier, caught having oral sex with a 17-year-old minor at a rest stop. Gauthier admitted to police that he used Craigslist to seek out sex partners. With the legal age of consent in Minnesota 16, no criminal charges have been filed.

What these two cases have in common is that both as of now believe that  staying in their races is the right thing to do for the country. “Let the voters decide” is the resounding theme from both. It would be hard to imagine that either would win their races but you never know.

Both are two perfect examples of politics as a career choice. The voters/constituents  in both elections, who “will decide in the fall” have no meaning to either Akin or Gauthier. American politics have had plenty of scandals in our history. Many of times the politicians have been executed by the voters so we do have hope that the right thing will be done. In the end, the constituents in the districts of Akin and Gauthier have little option in picking their opponent on election day. And we are worried about voter fraud?


August 1, 2012, will this day go down in history as the official start of the end for the Postal Service?

image source: www.puppetgov.com

August 1, 2012 could go into the history books as the official start to the end of the Postal Service as we know it. Failing to make a $5.5 billion payment into its employee pension fund it shows the continued lack of action by Washington. We should have fully expected this non-payment considering the Postal Service’s recent $12 billion funding to keep it operational. While there are bills in the Senate and House both of which will require cuts in service, neither party seems to be able to come up with legislation that is palatable.

The future of the Postal Service is mired in politics as lawmakers attempt to protect their own interests. The larger picture seems to be lost which is JOBS and providing America with continued mail service. We all can understand that nobody wants to see their local post office shuttered. But the reality is if the do nothing Senate and House continue on this path we will be without any mail delivery at all and more than a half-million will be without a job.

Romney should be apologizing to us for his time at Bain

Romney gets endorsements

image source: www.rightspeak.net

So Mitt Romney wants an apology from President Obama? The truth of Romney’s time with Bain Capital is what the Republican candidate is upset over. If you believe the Romney camp’s version of what he did with Bain (allegedly a job creator) or not is not what has gotten my attention. For the record I am not buying his “great success as a job creator”. What is a glaring example of spin, is that Romney and his campaign cannot even get his dates of employment right. President Obama’s campaign through government records is exposing that Romney has not been all that truthful in pointing out he ended his work with Bain Capital in 2001. Romney has stated many a time that he left in 1999, when he took up heading the U.S. Olympic Games. This date “mistake” and this alone is glaring and was meant to deceive the public.

Romney advisor offers spin: He actually retired retroactively at this point” states Ed Gillespie as he ended up not going back to the firm after his stint with the Olympics. Another advisor of Romney’s Kevin Madden has come on to further “explain”, “Romney had no choice as his name was on Security Exchange documents as he sought to transfer the company’s leadership to partners.”

The American public is expected to buy into the notion that Romney had no decision-making ability during this two-year period of “retroactive retirement”? If you or I was on a job search and we ALTERED dates of employment on a previous job what would happen if we were caught? WE WOULD BE DISQUALIFIED! This should not be a difficult thing to admit to unless you are trying to hide something. This is the bottom line and now that the opposition has discovered this FLAW in the TRUTH and is exploiting it, Romney CRIES  FOUL. The job application, the first step in getting yourself hired anywhere. Romney’s application, FALSE!

States that bail on Affordable Care Act, led by the GOP

affordable care act

image source: championnews.net

Since the Affordable Care Act (Obama-Care) was upheld by the Supreme Court, six states have already said they would not be  part of the Medicade expansion. Texas is one of the states to opt-out of the act. Governor Perry in opting out stated, ” neither a state exchange or expansion would result in better patient care.”

The partisan politics that challenged the Affordable Care Act and continue today might have something to do with the numbers. Texas and Governor Perry lead all states in the uninsured category. 25%, of Texas, is uninsured or 6.2 million in Texas. Looking into the numbers, Republican controlled states, seem to have cornered the market in the uninsured. Florida under Republican Rick Scott stands at 21% he has vowed his state will opt-out. Georgia 20% with Republican Nathan Deal , followed by 19% and Jan Brewer Republican Governor of Arizona.

The next two states on the list California and Arkansas also at 19% uninsured and both have stated they will participate in the insurance exchange (Democrat Governors). The costs of the insurance exchange will be paid at 100% the first three years by the federal government. After, the federal government will pick up 90% of the costs. Statements such as “it will bankrupt the state” Governor Perry, Texas are beyond stupid considering the cost of the uninsured today.

Partisan politics via Republicans have lost the battle and they continue to march ahead with their agenda. The real losers, the people who reside in states with Republican Governors.

Walker win has GOP gloating of the demise of unions

Gov Walker recall

image source: http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com

As the news spread that Scott Walker had won Wisconsin’s recall election, I posted my first thought on Twitter. “Let the Fox News horse shit begin.” It would have been of a better service to say “Let the GOP horse shit begin.” Today, the gloating right is excited about what it all means for Walker and more importantly, what it means nationally. (according to the GOP that is). The reality of a Walker win in Wisconsin bleeding over nationally, will be how much we believe the right-wing spin. Considering how easily Walker won his recall election, by more than 10 points, we know the right will be coming hard and getting the most out of their win.

What to believe and what not to believe, that my friends will be a difficult task. On the first day of their gloating, the right has been quick to throw out numbers like, 40% of union households voted for Walker. This number, seems rather difficult to believe considering the number should have been ZERO. As the unions recover from their loss, if the number of 40% is true, I am sad to say, those voters, deserve their lost jobs and cut pensions that will come under Walker. I have no empathy for their future plight and in reality, the next vote should be the one that throws them out of their respective unions.

What else do these people need to know about Walker and the Republican Party in general? In a very related news piece today, Wal-Mart, has announced that they will be reducing the wages of their warehouse employees. How is this related to Walker? This is part of the Republican Agenda, FREE MARKETS and NO UNIONS! What we get from the free markets with no unions, is the underpaid, taking it on the chin and losing more hourly pay. That is why, you do not vote for anti-union candidates like Scott Walker, especially when you are union.

So while we attempt to make sense of the Walker win, we will have to listen to how the union’s are dying and no longer relevent from the right. In correcting the course we are on we can look to the union members who supported Walker. They should be discarded from the union ranks like the trash we put out at the curb. If members are not going to support their livelihood they are useless and should be eliminated. We can afford to lose the membership because I doubt it’s 40%.


Jobs that don’t require college, are they hiring?


image source: marketmixup.com

The reality of getting a good job without a college education, MANY WILL BE FIGHTING FOR THE FEW. The economic downturn and the Republican Agenda of cutting secondary education monies, has many looking for jobs that simply do not exist. Looking to the web for ideas on a career path for the high school diploma holder, provides idea’s with little reality.

www.askmen.com has a posted article, 9 Jobs that don’t require a degree. The top three on their list, Firefighter, Police Officer and Mechanic. The article does date back to late 2011 but not much if anything has changed in the job market since this post. To dismiss the first two on the list, you can dismiss largely by geography and political affiliation. If your search has you in New Jersey, you have slim chance of getting hired anywhere in the fields of policing or firefighting. The state, led by Republican Chris Christie, has slashed funding to cities and towns resulting in lost employment. New Jersey is not alone in cutting back the public sector as this can also be seen elsewhere in the country and not limited to just the GOP run states.

The third job on the list mechanic, offers the most opportunity. For starters, it is not impacted by the harsh reality of politics. Secondly, with the economy struggling along, many are keeping their automobiles longer, resulting in more repairs. The on the job training through apprenticeship programs makes this field a winner for the highschool graduate.

Job’s, jobs and jobs, we need them and we need them now. Politics play a huge role in who’s hiring and who is not especially in the public sector. Your job future, if you go to college or not will be impacted by the policies of the people we elect. This statement can be quantified by the list of jobs suggested by the post on www.askmen.com . Taking politics out of the equation, they hit a home run with their suggestions. With politics, “who’s on first?”