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Trump vs Clinton how fast do you want to hit rock bottom?

Trump “anti-union” what will his agenda be for the working class? What about the lack of support for unions under Clinton. “Walmart ties aside” Clinton has done little to advance the labor movement

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Why I’ll seek alternative if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee

If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton it is a vote for Donald Trump. The above bold print will be stated many times, by many people, between the Democratic Convention and election day this fall. The accuracy of the statement quite honestly means nothing to me at this point. Who I vote for in November I […]

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Union’s what will free mean? Friedrichs vs. California

Friedrichs vs. California, the case in the Supreme Court that challenges the ability for unions to collect mandatory dues. This is a public sector case involving a group of teachers challenging the union. Not a private sector union issue but one that will impact them on ruling. National Right to Work, plain and simple. While […]

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Christie, Walker and Kasich have we Survived the GOP Attack

5th year anniversary post Surviving the GOP attack the title of my first post on Defender of the Middle-Class. It has been 5 years since I wrote the post and the title says it all to why I began this web-site. The GOP had begun an all out attack on middle-America and far too many  Americans […]

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Its the economic cycle stupid!

Everywhere you look there is somebody that’s STUPID. From a rather young age we begin to recognize stupidity. I know my children did, as there were times I needed to shush them in public using the “s” word too loud. They needed to learn sensitivity, right? What is stupid? Most certainly it is subjective and the words […]

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