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Ballot Question would doom NJ Pension System

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Should state workers unions be pushing for a ballot question to fund pensions? If the NJEA and the rest of the state unions haven’t figured it out yet, their pensions would be doomed. Why? Lets start with the single most important piece of information, these workers are in the minority when it comes to pensions. With that well-known fact, why would you be pushing for a ballot question? Do you actually think the voters of New Jersey will say “YES”????


The NJ Public Pension Fund is in the red $44 billion. The public unions in a desired ballot question want it balanced by 2020, paid in quarterly payments. Nearly $15 billion per year if the ballot question became a reality and was approved by voters. Our $15 billion figure does not include payments for normal contributions that need to be made as well in pension years 2017 thru 2020. CWA NJ State Director Hetty Rosenstein has called the pension funding crisis “a moral issue.” Senate President Steve Sweeney has taken some heat recently from the unions over the ballot question. But Sweeney has it right: ““The easy thing is just to put it up and if it fails, say I gave you what you wanted. It died, it’s on you”  The voters of the state have given us 2-terms with Governor Christie which should be enough to tell you where their minds are at. Yes his poll numbers and approval rating are in the toilet. Fundamentally though, voters are against tax increases and they will be against any tax increase with YOUR pension payments tied to it. To push for a voter referendum is SUICIDE for funding your pension system. This is being said by someone who supports funding your promise of a pension. The pockets of the NJEA are deep but they aren’t deep enough to sway enough voters to say yes. The bottom line is the majority of voters do not have a traditional pension; what makes you think they’ll protect yours?

Do you think they need to figure out a different path to funding?


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SAY NO to Governor Christie’s Gas Tax

dans gov, hamburgerGovernor Hamburger is out and about trying to push the proposed 23 cent increase in the gasoline tax as good for New Jersey. Raising taxes and claiming overall it is a reduction is just plain nonsense. If you haven’t heard his claim it is this, “the average driver will pay about a $100.00 a year more in gasoline taxes. But will save $400 a year with the 1 % reduction in the sales tax.”

I am not sure where he is getting his numbers from but lets imagine beyond the compact car. My truck has a 25 gallon tank. So with each fill up of say 24 gallons each week will cost me $5.25 more, $23 a month more or $276.00 more a year. Christie misses the mark by a $176.00. Where he pulls the $400 savings from the sales tax I would sure love to see as it is incrementally moved down 1%.  But lets take this beyond the “average” taxpayer. The people who drive for a living or the people who own landscaping businesses, how much will this .23 cent increase impact them?

SCREAM NO! If Governor Hamburger properly funded the Transportation Fund we again would not be relying on the little guy (US) to pay the bills. “And we promise this time the money will go where its suppose to go.” Governor Christie is blowing some hot air trying to sell this pile of steaming crap.


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Governor Christie a racist, equal school funding a disgusting attack



Is it possible that Governor Christie will be labeled a racist by the end of his second term? His recent school funding proposal may just achieve it. School funding in New Jersey is currently a weighted system that has 30 years of history and Supreme Court backing. Despite this, Christie is attempting to deliver a campaign promise some six and a half years old, lower property taxes. Under Christies plan, $6,599 will be allocated for each and every pupil in the state, K-12. So a student in Haddonfield NJ with a median income of $86,477 will receive the same as a student in Camden NJ with a median income of $26,000.

Haddonfield’s population, The racial makeup of the borough is 95.23% white. By contrast Camden’s, population is roughly 83% non-white.  Christie’s plan is an attack on the poor and subsequently in many cases minorities. The juxtaposition of these two locations is just one of many throughout the state. School funding and geography, under the Christie plan the rich will continue to get richer. Christie to be labeled a racist? This proposal is a disgusting attack on the poor and middle-class at minimum.



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New Jersey lawmakers propose minimum wage increase to $15.00

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New Jersey lawmakers have proposed increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 in bill A-15 & S-15. Voted mostly on party lines in the Assembly, the bill also passed the Senate Budget Committee 4-3. If the bill makes it to Governor Christie it has NO CHANCE. Christie previously vetoed minimum wage increases, until it was passed by voters in a ballot question. It is pretty much a guarantee that the lowest paid workers in NJ will need to wait until Christie is out or in 2017 when it may make on the ballot for voters to decide.

Attempting to deceive in headlines? Blue Jersey wrote a piece on June 18 titled “A graduated minimum wage hike up to $15.00 likely to be approved in 2017” There is NOTHING “likely” about an increase being approved in 2017. so why would you write this? (to get reads or generate support?) Their post goes on to support the increase and urges YOU to contact your legislative representatives to do so. A fantastic idea and lets get it going!

For all the news surfers who read titles and excerpts> Increasing the states minimum wage in a new bill isn’t likely any time soon. Look forward to the January 2017 cost of living increase which is not a fable, its the law.

Some more on the current NJ minimum wage


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No more dirty school books in suburban New Jersey?

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“No more dirty school books” is no longer just the summer anthem. So you have a high school student taking Algebra 2 and that student comes home from school and asks for help. My first thought obviously, SURE! The next statement, “let me see your math book”. What would your thought be when the student responds “we don’t have books”? Horror would be my first thought considering that I haven’t worked on any advanced math in many years. This event happened to a friend of mine who was venting to me about the issue. Yes issue. Modern schooling in America is moving away from books, and parents are being left behind to figure out how they can help their kids. So my friend spent hours in an attempt to help their child, scanning the internet, trying to find the answers to the questions the child had. Many questions were left unanswered leaving the student and parent frustrated and angry. Not good when the next day is the big test! What frustration and angst.

Budget cuts they aren’t just in urban schools. The school the student attends is in a middle-class suburban bedroom community (not that this guarantee’s proper funding). I can get that maybe History, English or Science may get away without a book in the modern internet age, but MATH?  Having long been removed from dealing with high-school homework the questions I ask you: Am I wrong to think that Math needs a text book? My advice to my friend was to go to Board Of Ed meetings, ask the question “why is no textbooks okay”. Point of information, the school doesn’t supply I-Pads to students as some bookless schools do. Is this what Alice Cooper had in mind when singing “…….no more dirty school books” ? No child left behind? What about NO PARENT LEFT BEHIND.

What do you think?


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