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Why vote NO to North Jersey Casinos

NJ ballot question 1 2016New Jersey’s ballot question 1, “should there be casino’s in North Jersey. The huge amounts of lobby money being thrown toward the question tells us this is a big issue and somebody really wants a YES vote! Taking the question at face value is it just a simple YES for jobs, progress and the NJ tax base? Don’t be fooled, business interests are solely the interest of the politicians who gave us this question. Why a question? So the politician’s have no culpability to the decision. But they know how this will go down. Convenience will prevail, “if I vote yes I won’t need to drive to Atlantic City.” . And North Jersey has the votes if they come to the polls and vote solely convenience.

The Atlantic City Promise> How to bring the city back? Casino’s was the answer from city officials, and they argued and politicked for them. The city was in decline with a steady drop from the 1960’s. The boardwalk was dilapidated and uninspiring with “bad food and t-shirt shops” And also plenty of games of chance.  In 1975 unemployment in Atlantic City was running between 20-24% in the peak season. And the economy was sinking, with poverty running above 20%. So with promises of economic growth and population growth the 49% African American population and the majority  voted for the casino’s to come to town. Since the casino’s have come to town little has changed and today it is worse. The city is still poor and uneducated. In 1970 13% of the African American community did not have a high school education. In 1990, 28% of that same population did not have a high school diploma. In 2016 the vacant Showboat Casino, Trump Plaza, Atlantic Club, Taj Mahal, and the billion dollar Revel are all reminders of who and why these casino’s were built, for profit of the few. The Revel closed despite massive tax breaks from the Christie Administration, so the taxpayer has also been duped.

So to the ballot question, should we allow casino’s to be built in North Jersey? Well what are the promises being made? Good jobs? Economic Growth? A stronger tax base? I think its quite possible we are being sold a tale, AGAIN.

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2017 New Jersey Governor’s Race is over according to the Democratic Party Machine

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The 2017 New Jersey Governors race, the leading names are , well name is Phil Murphy. Who’s Phil Murphy? Before we get into who he is lets get into why we are even speaking his name. The short of it, this is who the party bosses want, specifically the NORTH JERSEY Party bosses. In September the presumed candidacy of Mayor of Jersey City Steven Fulop came to an abrupt end when he announced he wasn’t running and endorsed Murphy. The next candidacy to fall Senate President Steve Sweeney announced he was not going to run on October 6 after Murphy had picked up key endorsements from many North Jersey party committees. Sweeney stated “I’m a realist the party is  coalescing around Phil”. So with the heavy hitters out of the race what do “we the voter” have to look forward to?Phil Murphy is a former Goldman Sachs executive. Wasn’t former Governor Corzine from Goldman Sachs? That is affirmative NJ Voter! What else do we know about Phil Murphy? Well he is rich to the tune of $700 million. He has been the ambassador to Germany. Democratic Finance Chair. For more on Phil Murphy

“A no contest” I say this because with the party already lining up behind him with their support and money the machine has their nominee. As for us voters, will we consider a Republican nominee after the disaster Christies leadership as brought NJ? I know one thing for sure that the word “realist” is not the proper word to be used by Sweeney or anyone bailing this early. The word is expediency, political expediency. Yes maybe they didn’t have all the support they needed but WE THE VOTER deserve choices don’t we? Did the Democratic Party know best when they rolled out Corzine to us? Did the party know best when we ended up with a Barbara Buono campaign that had no support from the party machine? Note: They screwed her, but more important to note they screwed US, look at what Christies second term has turned into!

To recap, in October 2016 more than a year before we cast a ballot or even started the primary season the party machine is telling us Phil Murphy is the guy we should support. The Democrats are lining up behind him with their endorsements and more importantly their money. The rest of the viable candidates have stepped aside to progress their political careers rather than risk a loss. This will leave us the voters with pretty much no alternative other than the Republican Party. No wonder New Jersey voters are disgusted.



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The grotesque future for New Jersey the corporate plan

Red Bank environment rally Marching in protest of the grotesque, this my belief of what Saturday’s Third-Party march in Red Bank, NJ represented. “Grotesque” is my word, not the word of those who organized it. I believe that “Grotesque” is much more appropriate and needs to be the rally word, let me explain.

The Green Party, Socialist Party, and Socialist Alternative Party all were represented at the event with one common theme, the environment. Speaking against the grotesque misdeeds inflicted by big oil and gas and potential new ones. Future pipelines leaking on our lands, destroying our water supply and not just in North Dakota. The effects of fracking may soon be a reality in New Jersey if proposed pipelines are approved. When one thinks of the Pinelands you do not envision  a pipeline, but soon you may. 22 miles of it, carved through the “protected” land. But this is not the only potential pipeline in New Jersey. The Southern Reliability Link, as proposed would be a 30 inch pipe running 28 miles. To be carved out through North Hanover, Chesterfield, North Hanover, Upper Freehold, Plumstead, Lakehurst, ending in Manchester. Protesters have marched in the past against this “grotesque” injustice as they did this past Saturday, “No fracking pipelines” one of our chants as we snaked through the streets of Red Bank. Awareness, were you aware of the potential “grotesque” future for New Jersey? It’s Pinelands? They weren’t just chanting about North Dakota!

Awareness! I the protester was participating to bring more awareness to an issue that I did not have the complete picture. After listening to the speakers at the end point of the march I left with more information then I came with. The moral, you aren’t always speaking to the choir. A “grotesque future” for New Jersey, the corporate plan of running pipelines through our natural preserves and country side of OUR state.



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Wildwood Beach nothing but rules

New Jersey beaches

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Where did the “Wild” go at the Wildwood Beach? On a recent visit with my pants hiked up, I discovered there are many unstated rules at the beach. The first incident of the day, involved the life guard the “skim boarding rule” This rule applies from 10-5:30 according to the lifeguard and YOU CAN”T DO IT. I do get that maybe when there are a lot of people around it’s a bit dangerous. At roughly 10 am, with nobody on the beach? Maybe as they do with surfers a section to accommodate this FUN is in order. But swimming with a bunch of people boogie boarding between two flags is safe? So back to our beach camp went the skim board.

Deciding on another activity we grabbed a Nerf football and went to waters edge for some fun diving into the water to catch the ball. This was the plan but while warming up with some throws back and forth our resident David Hasselhoff returned with yet another rule. “You can’t throw the ball here because the tide is coming in” The tide? seriously? “Yes the tide”. The Wildwood “NO ball playing near the water rule when the tides coming in” The lifeguard did give us the option of going to the back of the beach where the sand is soft and 10 thousand degrees, we respectfully declined. We also didn’t attempt the activity once the tide was in.

We were not going to chance another encounter so reluctantly we left all our beach shovels, buckets, balls, etc, in the bag and simply went into the water. But we still had fun! As one of us went to have some fun going through a wave we let them know “No breaking the wave” Or when one of us decided on picking up a piece of seaweed we warned, there may be a rule against that! All was met with laughter! We did have fun despite the lifeguard, so SCREW HIM!

The Wildwood Beach offers mile long beaches, and many rules that are not stated on any sign. But how could they tell you all the rules on a sign? Wouldn’t it block the view of the ocean? A name change is definitely in order.


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Ballot Question would doom NJ Pension System

minimum wage increase

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Should state workers unions be pushing for a ballot question to fund pensions? If the NJEA and the rest of the state unions haven’t figured it out yet, their pensions would be doomed. Why? Lets start with the single most important piece of information, these workers are in the minority when it comes to pensions. With that well-known fact, why would you be pushing for a ballot question? Do you actually think the voters of New Jersey will say “YES”????


The NJ Public Pension Fund is in the red $44 billion. The public unions in a desired ballot question want it balanced by 2020, paid in quarterly payments. Nearly $15 billion per year if the ballot question became a reality and was approved by voters. Our $15 billion figure does not include payments for normal contributions that need to be made as well in pension years 2017 thru 2020. CWA NJ State Director Hetty Rosenstein has called the pension funding crisis “a moral issue.” Senate President Steve Sweeney has taken some heat recently from the unions over the ballot question. But Sweeney has it right: ““The easy thing is just to put it up and if it fails, say I gave you what you wanted. It died, it’s on you”  The voters of the state have given us 2-terms with Governor Christie which should be enough to tell you where their minds are at. Yes his poll numbers and approval rating are in the toilet. Fundamentally though, voters are against tax increases and they will be against any tax increase with YOUR pension payments tied to it. To push for a voter referendum is SUICIDE for funding your pension system. This is being said by someone who supports funding your promise of a pension. The pockets of the NJEA are deep but they aren’t deep enough to sway enough voters to say yes. The bottom line is the majority of voters do not have a traditional pension; what makes you think they’ll protect yours?

Do you think they need to figure out a different path to funding?


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