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Has Camden benefited from police takeover

May 2015 President Obama used Camden as his backdrop for announcing the “feds would no longer provide certain military equipment for local police” (Such as bayonets,  grenade launchers, etc.) Community policing was his theme and Camden the example of success. Praising the department for reducing crime and cutting the murder rate in half.

2013 began the new policing model in Camden. We were very critical of Camden and Camden County after eliminating the Camden Police force and creating  the  “County Police Department”. Referring to the force in Camden as the Metro force.  Promising more boots on the ground by cutting salaries and benefits. Cheaper cops becomes more cops and that equals lesser crime?  Moving forward to 2016 how has Camden County delivered since their take-over of the Camden police?

For 2015, Camden ranks sixth in the nation for murder rate. This a drop from #1 in 2014. Overall, the city ranks 4% safer than all other cities in the United States.

The future of the Camden County Police is a bit concerning. Since the take-over turnover of police is an issue. Prior to the presidents visit nearly 120 officers had resigned. With the average tenure of a new hire being under a year. Could salary play a part in the short tenure as a rookie cop is being paid under $32,000 a year.

Today we have the murder rate trending down in Camden, first place to 6th on the list of most dangerous cities. 4% better than other places to live in the United States. Is this a model that should be enacted around the country as President Obama suggested last May,
“I’ve come here to Camden to do something that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago and that is to hold you up as a symbol of promise to the nation,”  I think I may hold off on that a bit. As far as the  future of “Camden County Police”? I use quotation marks because today the county department with its metro division still has only one participant, the city of Camden. Is there a name change on the horizon?

Governor Christie, Courts, screwing the worker yet again

When Governor Christie first took office he bullied his way through the state legislature in pension reform. Today, with the affirmation of the court(s) Christie once again will bypass this obligation. The result of this inaction will further put those who participate in the program in deep peril. What will lawmakers and Governor Christie do? This question you can answer yourself by reading the first sentence again, specifically the last two words “pension reform”.

The time has long passed to hold our ELECTED OFFICIALS accountable to those they represent. The debacle that is now the State Pension System is quickly approaching BUST. And this skid has been caused by ignoring payments. Obviously, Christie can’t be trusted, as pension reform was supposed to be handled with increasing future payments.Christie promised to make the full payment(s) under a 2011 law he signed to put the pension system back on solid financial ground. Lawmakers promised to make increased annual payments to the fund after years of governors short-changing it. In exchange workers have paid more for their pension and health benefits. Last June, the state courts backed Christie’s deceit when it ruled that Christie could cut that year’s payment from $1.58 billion to $696 million because the revenue shortfall had created a fiscal emergency. Tuesday, the State  Supreme Court has also continued to back Christie’s play with a  5-to-2 decision to not properly fund.

First and foremost the fiscal emergency was created by Christie himself was it not? His budget, his projections and tax policy. Christie who some believe is a potential presidential candidate has failed in all areas of budget management. He has not adjusted his views on taxes and revenue. This is why the pension system is shorted yet again. So what’s the next step? Increase the pension and health care contributions for state workers? Or what is very likely kick the can a bit further down the road until its complete collapse. Sounds like the Federal Governments plan for Social Security.

O’Scanlon R-Monmouth plans to phase out jobs, via self-serve gas

Pump your own gas in New Jersey? Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon has plans to change New Jersey’s long-standing ban. His bill would be phased in over three-years. (This was reported on nj.com)According to O’Scanlon he is “amazed at how many people bring this issue to him.”

Fellow New Jersey taxpayers and voters, the question is “why?”

( we have a great article from Shane Johnson ON THE SUBJECT   http://defenderofthemiddleclass.com/why-new-jersey-has-full-service-gas-stations )

The alarming!!  Assemblyman O’Scanlon, do you realize that New Jersey has one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation? How would eliminating jobs benefit the New Jersey economy?

Assemblyman O’Scanlon, with New Jersey’s budget at a shortfall (AGAIN) and desperate measures will be needed to balance (AGAIN), how is eliminating any potential tax revenue wise?

Two important questions that need to be answered!

What we do know from other self-serve experiences: less-workers equals less tax-revenue and more profits for business! That I am guessing is the real reason O’Scanlon is proposing this bill. “The same people bringing him the issue??? I would not be amazed.


The New Jersey Democratic response from Senate President Steve Sweeney, the proposed bill will not go to the floor for debate. Jobs preserved!! Well done Senator Sweeney!

Governor Christie, Dallas Cowboy’s and ethic’s

Over the past several weeks Governor Christie has been in the news for his love of the Dallas Cowboy’s. Free ticket’s, locker room visit’s, plane’s to Dallas and Green Bay. Jerry Jones his new pal providing these “gifts”. The Campaign Legal Center, Democracy 21 and Public Citizen urging the NJ state ethic’s commission to investigate. Why? Well Jerry Jones is a significant stakeholder in a company that received contracts with the nearby port authority, which Christie supplied his blessing. Christie has shrugged it off as nonsense, claiming an attack from Hillary Clinton’s PAC.

Trustworthy? Is that not one of the top qualification’s that voter’s look toward when casting a ballot? Let’s just say that Christie isn’t on the “kickback”, and this is what he say’s it is. “He’s a lifelong Cowboy fan.” What come’s clearly into vision as a voter is his judgement. If he didn’t know Jerry Jones was a stakeholder in a company that benefited from his decisions, he should have. He did not according to statements made, but he most certainly know’s now. Christie also new prior to his trip to Green Bay. So why go? A great question and it all boils down to judgement. POOR JUDGEMENT.

If you want to be president Governor Christie, hanging out in luxury boxes in a bright red sweater with Jerry Jones is not exactly the brightest move. Especially if you were to consider your own states sports preference’s.

Paid Sick-Leave in New Jersey, a new government mandate

minimum wage increase
image source city-data.com

Paid Sick Leave in New Jersey, is it the next governmental interference? Or, long overdue for the workers of the state? This week the bill was being debated in an Assembly Committee hearing. What the bill offers, one paid hour of sick time for each 30 hours worked, to a maximum of 5 days each year. The bill about a year old now is being championed by Assembly woman Pamela Lampitt (D-Cherry Hill).

Business as expected are against the measure, citing the recent increase in the minimum wage, and healthcare reform. The sick-day bill has some issues. For one it doesn’t have a requirement for “proof of sickness”, and what employers are included in the bill? A business with one employee, would they be affected by the bill?

If the committee works on closing up some holes in the legislation it should be passed by the legislature. As for Governor Christie signing? That I would not expect to happen especially with his presidential aspirations; and his past veto actions. I think to answer the opening questions you must first ask, why the need for a bill? And that answer is really pretty simple. Too many employers are not treating their workers with respect. Case in point the bill that mandated a minimum wage increase. Oh wasn’t that a ballot question? Which is where mandated sick days may be heading, possibly by 2015?