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Ted Cruz does half citizen qualify?

Donald Trump believes Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for the nations highest office as he was born in Canada. Not new news as this fact has dogged Cruz throughout his political life. Cruz did have dual citizenship but decided to renounce his Canadian roots in 2014. (Just in time to run for president!!)  Trumps attacks have coincided with Cruz’s rise in the polls and predicted winner of the Iowa Caucuses.

The bottom line on Cruz’s background. His father was a Cuban born citizen. His mother born in Delaware. They resided in Calgary Canada when Ted Cruz was born. So, the mother was recognized a citizen of the United States, the father was not. Does being a half-citizen count for the purposes of satisfying our constitutional requirement?

As we know this isn’t the first time Trump has raised the birth issue.  Obama who eventually provided his birth certificate  proved Trump wrong. Cruz’s  predicament is a bit different. He was born in Canada.

Is Trump showing desperation in this latest attack? Or is it and or will it be an issue for Cruz?

The real questions:

  1. Is being born with one parent a United States citizen in a different country qualify you as a citizen?

2. Should the United States Supreme Court weigh in on the subject to solidify the meaning in the constitution.

3. Does the Constitution need to be clarified?

My struggle,  why did Cruz wait until 2014 to renounce his Canadian citizenship?

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Trump leading the GOP with plain rhetoric

Donald Trump’s campaign for president seems to be gaining some steam and he owes it to his policy ideas? Not exactly but it seems that throwing out wild statements with just a bit of an idea, is enough so far to keep on top. The latest being the “30 million illegal immigrants he will send packing.” Trumps number is a bit off according to the experts by about 19 million.  He must be getting his number from Ann Coulter. According to many experts the number is more in the range of 11-12 million.  http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2015/jul/28/donald-trump/donald-trump-says-number-illegal-immigrants-30-mil/

Trump has went on to say that the wall on our southern border will be built under his leadership and MEXICO will finance it.

Trump on the 14th Amendment? Birth in this country should not be the sole qualifier to citizenship. or as The Donald has stated: a pregnant woman about to give birth, drags herself over the border and gives birth and now that child is a citizen.” (anchor baby)

Trump’s comments which are pushing his polling numbers are now moving the  other candidates in conversation. Discussing illegal immigration when they were not. Is Trump wrong on the issue? He’s certainly wrong with his numbers and with his rhetoric. Realistically we are not going to deport 11 million (or to Trumps number 30 million.  And building a wall financed by Mexico? Rather difficult to imagine. Just as it was difficult to imagine 3 short months ago that Trump would be leading the GOP.


Trump taking commanding lead

The first debate of the 2016 Presidential contest is in the books. And the winner? Well it wasn’t the voters. The opening question of pledging support to the party if they weren’t the party choice,  was rather disingenuous. And as the intent to bait the front-running candidate,  Donald Trump flapped his jaws and revealed  what we already knew, he is not a party guy. But with that said, not being part of the party norm might not be a bad thing. The questions during the debate showed us the tired GOP and the same tired responses.  From the War on Terror to family values the debate could have been a rerun of any GOP debate of the last two decades. The importance of debate winners and losers will be made and in those the public will trend a candidate up  or down.

By no means is this post a recap  or will be.  What I saw Thursday was a Fox Entertainment program not  a debate. The losers of the debate? The voter, from the lack of substance, and the clear FOX plan to eradicate Trump from the race. The continued FLAP in the aftermath with the moderator Kelly? More of the continued push by FOX (with the Koch brothers in the shadows?) to move toward their candidate of choice.

The result’s since the debate has been Trump trending higher not lower. Could it be that the voters already know what Trump is? Could they already know that he is not politically correct? Could it be that the Republican is tired of the establishment candidate?






White House Diaries, a must read for the historian

image source: e.wikipedia.org
image source: en.wikipedia.org

White House Diaries by Jimmy Carter, have you read it? I just recently completed the book with the self-explanatory title. But just for clarity, the book a diary that  Carter kept while in the White House. He does write some explanations or expounds on some entries that are italicized. For those who are interested in history, I would recommend it highly. For those who believe “history repeats itself” then it is a MUST READ. I am old enough to remember the gas-lines, rationing of gas (odd/even days) and the hostage crisis. That along with the high unemployment and inflation is what most people believe was all  Jimmy Carter’s time in office was. Or a failure.

One of the first things that jumped off the pages was Carter’s statement about Congress, “a dysfunctional group that doesn’t get anything done.” Does this sound familiar? The current approval rating of Congress in 2015 stands at 15%. He mentions this quite often in different ways throughout the book. Carter’s entries on the Camp David Accords is quite detailed and a highlight of his presidency. We also learn in these entries “who really was holding up Middle-East peace. And who continues to hold up the peace.

Where the White House Diaries become’s a must read is the positions taken by President Carter on the economy. Especially in regard to a responsible budget that should be balanced. The fight within his own party to spend, spend spend, (Ted Kennedy D-Mass.). The bi-partisan approach toward getting bills passed. Bi-partisan, which today is relegated to lip service. (The balanced-budget approach, three key words coming from Republican’s in all ranks today.)

The diary entries at the end of Carter’s first and only term are extremely interesting for the Ronald Reagan lovers. This I will not divulge as I found them remarkably candid and also disappointing.

Many “those in the press” and some polls believe President Carter was the worst president of the modern era. Do you believe so? After reading his diary entries you might think differently.


Tom Wolf, is he your pick?

image: insurancejournal.com
image: insurancejournal.com

With the last debate in the primary cycle in the rear view mirror, ‘who’s your pick?’ Money buys elections and Tom Wolf is sitting at the top of the heap heading into the Democratic primary.
Don’t believe the ads! While the low information voter might rely on them, we certainly should know that they are chock full of B.S. The attacks on Wolf, the most misleading, with the emphasis on Wolf “THE TAX COLLECTOR”, who allegedly raised taxes by 17% in PA. Wolf who worked under Governor Rendell was in fact the tax man, though not responsible for the proposed 1% tax hike, that was Rendell. But the emphasis in the ad, heck who likes the man with the label “tax-collector?” The other label appropriately applied to Wolf, “millionaire”.The way it is used in the ads, the same way used by democrats to frame the Republican Party. Millionaire equals EVIL, yes?

Whether Wolf is your pick or not, the ads against him are strong, pointed and with little accuracy. Why did we pick out Wolf and the ads against him? Isn’t that where all the focus is? Afterall, he is rich, has bought tons of ad time and he is way ahead. Putting him on the radar of Republicans for general election time. Low information voters, that is who put him in the lead in the polls, only appropriate they believe the nonsense against Wolf now.