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Governor Christie a racist, equal school funding a disgusting attack



Is it possible that Governor Christie will be labeled a racist by the end of his second term? His recent school funding proposal may just achieve it. School funding in New Jersey is currently a weighted system that has 30 years of history and Supreme Court backing. Despite this, Christie is attempting to deliver a campaign promise some six and a half years old, lower property taxes. Under Christies plan, $6,599 will be allocated for each and every pupil in the state, K-12. So a student in Haddonfield NJ with a median income of $86,477 will receive the same as a student in Camden NJ with a median income of $26,000.

Haddonfield’s population, The racial makeup of the borough is 95.23% white. By contrast Camden’s, population is roughly 83% non-white.  Christie’s plan is an attack on the poor and subsequently in many cases minorities. The juxtaposition of these two locations is just one of many throughout the state. School funding and geography, under the Christie plan the rich will continue to get richer. Christie to be labeled a racist? This proposal is a disgusting attack on the poor and middle-class at minimum.



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Early voting benefits the establishment candidates

Early voting, good or bad for democracy? Today, we are witnessing a historic push back against the establishment. Hillary Clinton being the sure thing Democratic nomination no longer looks like a sure thing. (Though the Democratic Party would like you to believe differently). Way back when Bernie Sanders first declared he had little name recognition. Clinton was the anointed candidate from the beginning with support from all in the Democratic Party. Winding down the last of the primaries, Sanders has won enough delegates to still  be in position to win the nomination (very small chance). Sanders has done well on the day of voting. Connecting to the people with his message, and winning despite poll numbers (Michigan).

Early voting, the issue, are getting uneducated votes. 18 months ago who outside really knew and understood the platform of Bernie Sanders? With single digit support to start the election he was considered a fringe candidate. So the early voters cast their ballots up to 45 days before election day depending on your state. with limited to no information on lesser known candidates. Does the early voting change projections by the media? One assumes that the counting hasn’t begun and information on early voting is not leaked. But what of polling? Can a poll ask the right questions and get a cross-section of early voters? Sure can!

Access and getting people to vote is the goal for early voting. And YES, participation is and always should be a goal. How we vote and when? This is what needs to be addressed. National voting standards also needs to be an objective. Just getting someone to vote shouldn’t be the only goal. Informed voters also should be an objective. As time moves on we are discovering that the more information a voter has they tend to lean away from the anointed of the party. Would Sanders have benefitted from no early voting? Does the early voter have any buyers remorse? So is early voting bad for democracy? Yes and No. What do you think?


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Why I’ll seek alternative if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee

If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton it is a vote for Donald Trump.

The above bold print will be stated many times, by many people, between the Democratic Convention and election day this fall. The accuracy of the statement quite honestly means nothing to me at this point. Who I vote for in November I am uncertain. What I am certain of, it will not be Hillary Clinton (if she is the nominee) or Donald Trump.

I am a registered Democrat and have voted Democrat consistently. The party has failed me and no longer will I just vote the column because they are better than the “other party”. They have failed in many areas:

Starting with the economy from NAFTA with Bill Clinton to President Obama’s trade agreements while in office and his pursuit of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). These trade agreements are why we have the current race to the bottom and such wealth separation.  Hillary Clinton has supported the TPP calling it the gold standard. Pressured by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has reversed her position for now because it was a political necessity. Change a page number and a President Hillary Clinton will be on board.

Failing Organized Labor: What has a Democrat done for the labor movement? The past 8 years under President Obama we have seen the further push toward Right to Work, most notably in labors backyard Michigan. Hillary Clinton who promises a seat at the table for labor? Isn’t this what we have had since Ronald Reagan? President Obama and the Democrats had control of both houses when he was first elected. This was the time for legislation, card check for labor. Why wasn’t labor’s issues front and center? Why wasn’t legislation pushed through? Because President Obama’s legacy was priority #1 with the Affordable Care Act and there was no time for labor. Since, with no majority labor sits and waits for their death blow.

WAR> There isn’t one that Hillary Clinton doesn’t like. From the YES vote in Iraq to adding troops in Afghanistan Clinton’s been a supporter. Arming Syrian rebels was a plan that HC devised with CIA Director David Petraeus, ultimately rejected by President Obama. Hillary Clinton has been referred to in the past as Bush-Cheney Lite, which says it all.

Wall-Street> Paid speeches by Wall-Street is well known and disturbing on it’s own. But you not need look past her son-in-law. Co-founder of the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners LP. So Hillary Clinton will reign in Wall-Street and the poor behavior of Wall-Street? If Wall-Street’s not worried why should you be?

My colleague Shane Johnson said it perfectly, “the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is this. The Republicans want you to take the poison in one gulp. The Democrats just give it to you a little at a time.”

The death of the middle-class,and the ever growing ranks of those living in poverty cannot be blamed just on the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton is part of the problem NOT THE SOLUTION.


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Divide and Conquer the workforce

dīvide et īmpera

American business, the Top 1%, to divide and conquer the workforce. Moving from volatile attacks on the worker to an embracing and gentle approach in the workplace. Putting the worker to sleep.

Lets start by the idea of “inclusion in the workplace” where everyone’s opinion matters and is heard. The open door policy of the boss, where you bring your idea to him/her, and make your pitch or discuss your complaint. How many of your ideas have been heard and implemented where YOU got the credit or better yet some monetary value? maybe you’ve had a suggestion or concern left unaddressed, but still getting the “thank you for your thoughts” In the old days it was a suggestion box placed in a common area. The elimination of the suggestion box does eliminate the complaint part of it from some of the weaker in the workforce. We all aren’t the same personality, some need the anonymous (for the record I am no advocate of anonymous more like cowardly) .  The open door policy of management has effectively closed the mouths of the less confident. It also gives the impression that the individual can be successful on their own without a formal procedure. ( i.e Union)

Surveys: Companies have implemented these programs to better read their employees, getting an advantage. Generally, after they compile the statistics they come out with their target points to work on. More times than not, the target points are cost neutral to the company. They want more productive employees (cause they are happier and believe the company cares) that doesn’t cost them any money. Survey’s are the equivalent to a suggestion box , anonymous bitching that those that are less-confident or have no guts can make a complaint. I hate to break it to business but YOU are WASTING YOUR  MONEY on surveying your employees. 95% of your employees don’t give a crap about the content of the survey. These same people have no desire to make their work environment better. In turn, does the employee actually believe anything of substance will come from these surveys? Maybe the survey will create one feel good opportunity or the company will hand out a free luncheon……….

Yes the FREE LUNCH. Watch as you see all the little worker-ants flock to get a free spoonful of baked ziti or a sandwich from the hoagie tray! Make way for those who are fastest and also that do not wash their hands! These are the worst of the Great American Unwashed!  Have these individuals ever thought of the impact they would have if they skipped the “free lunch”? Cause it is NOT FREE. Could the boss/company take this feel good event and the few other bones they throw the workers and actually do something of real substance with them? Say like add it to the employee’s salary? Hey I’d take 1 cent a year per hour extra! One time warm and fuzzy moments will not help in your retirement years! How about increasing my pension not decreasing it! I recall my place of employment when the company decreased the contribution to the pension plan, barely a peep from the work force. But when they did away with the Holiday Party at Christmas??? OUTRAGE! These examples were written to show that business has already fooled the American worker for the most part. Believing that “we are a family and lets break some bread together” RECAP> ANGRY over canceling the Holiday Party, no anger over pension cut. Has the majority of workers been fooled already? You be the judge.

Everyone can be promoted! The younger generation of worker seems to have bought in to this notion. Maybe it is not just limited to today’s youth. This dirty trick of management to get the worker believing with a little more work, just a little extra, will get you noticed. Of course management is stating this to anyone who will listen. Which in the end leaves management with many an unruly worker when they finally realize they aren’t getting the coveted promotion. Pitting one worker against the other in competition is bad for business, especially when it really isn’t a competition (that’s found out when it’s too late for the worker). Far too often than not it is those who kiss the ass the best as many of us know too well. The temporary increase in production may get “the boss” noticed and moved up and out before anyone realizes they are being screwed.

These are just a few of the many ways management and the Top 1%  gets over on their workers, dividing them with hope of promotion, favorite treatment, or just a hoagie.  Being seasoned in the workforce is a benefit as these tricks are clear to me, today. Sure I have been fooled early in my career. I have allowed myself to participate (not anytime recently) in some of these shenanigans. I have learned the hard way and so will you. The real problem is it will never go away unless we educate the youth on the dirty tricks played by the Top 1% and their management “team”.


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Voter suppression and Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering, the act (or art) of redrawing electoral districts to benefit the party in power. Named after former Vice-President Elbridge Gerry. we live in a rigged system? It doesn’t get more rigged than this! Republicans and Democrats, one of the same cloth in regard to this behavior.

Different rules for each state, how are the districts redrawn? Some states rely on their legislatures others have advisory commissions or independent commissions. One state, my state of New Jersey is a politician commission. Using census records one of the above parties will redraw districts to “better reflect the electorate”. This the idea, but as we have seen and heard from court challenges some regard it as voter suppression.   Court challenges and overturning district lines are not uncommon.



The idea of ONE VOTE = ONE VOTE. This is what both Democrats and Republicans seem to want to get around. Controlling Congress this is the ultimate prize but not the only one. Moving around districts can impact every level of government, even down to school boards.

Controlling the voters by drawing and redrawing the political map under the guise of “better reflecting the electorate.” Does the country need one set of rules in regard to who and how electoral districts are drawn? If you are sick of establishment candidates and establishment politics, changing the system starts at the unglamorous, Gerrymandering.


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