Limbaugh, not a Romney supporter

GOP windbag

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GOP WINDBAG Rush Limbaugh doesn’t seem very happy with Romney, after Romney compared his Bain Capital work to Obama’s auto industry bailout. In Limbaugh’s afternoon radio show,( the hater of anything remotely Democratic) he hammered at Romney’s comparison.Limbaugh took a good two minutes to actually spit out the comparison. While attempting to act “upset” over the statement, it is pretty clear that Limbaugh’s unhappy with Romney’s frontrunner position after his “act” on the radio yesterday.

Limbaugh’s rants on the radio against his GOP, is a win for the Democratic Party. The ego indulging windbag, has put his radio show and career before his conservative value’s, he claims to have. Romney’s comparison to what he did while working for Bain (laying off people and downsizing companies) to Obama’s GM bailout is a gem of honesty to his critics. Appealing to the Independent voter, is what Romney’s doing Rush, setting himself up for the General Election.

It  is over after a caucus and a primary Rush. Like it or not, the rest of the GOP field is unelectable come November. So keep the wind flowing from your mouth and continue to trash Romney. It might help your ratings and wallet but it will help to secure a Democratic win in November.

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