Follow the money, Wal-mart corruption, corrupt politicians


WAL-MART employs over 1.4 million in the United States, making it America’s number one employer.

The above fact, should be well-known to all of us already, if it is not known to you, there it is. The rise to the top for Wal-Mart has had much documentation through the years. Include the people who believe that Wal-Mart has had a parasitic effect on the country, you could read about Wal-Mart from now till the end of time.

Wal-Mart’s rise to America’s largest employer was certainly helped by the politicians in Washington. Through this help, Wal-Mart has destroyed anything in their path, companies and individuals, without discrimination. Breaking the law is nothing new for Wal-Mart, they have been violating workers right’s for years by their hiring, firing and promoting. Which brings me to the latest Wal-Mart atrocity, the bribery scandal in Mexico. In the media spotlight now, what will actually be done in the end to Wal-Mart, America’s biggest employer? I expect little and this is why, Wal-Marts political action committee donations to Washington: 2010 contributions to House Democrats: $662,500….House Republicans: $447,550. Senate Democrats: $69,500..Senate Republicans: $165,500. Big money, but not so big for Wal-Mart, America’s largest employer. (For a break down of contributions to politicians )

The contributions by Wal-Mart are statistically even between parties, which I admit I was surprised by. The democrats, who claim to be on the side of the worker, have  little problem with taking money from Wal-Mart and could be viewed as hypocrites for accepting their money. I view them as corrupt, as you can’t preach you are for the worker and be in bed with America’s worst employer. Add the Republicans to the mix with the conservative Supreme Court, Washington is bought and paid for.

“Free market capitalism, the road to prosperity”? this is the tag line of the Republicans and it is not only theirs. If “we the people” believe anyone in Washington is concerned with the working poor and middle-class, take a good hard look at the money. Damn near a 50-50 split and we wonder why our economy stinks? A bunch of $8-$10 dollar an hour jobs aren’t going to stimulate much. Even Wal-Marts Lee Scott saw this, when he proposed raising the minimum wage. The boycott of Wal-Mart has failed and it is clear if you take a good look in their parking lot. It is full and it is full with “we the people” Smarten up America, shop somewhere else and stop supporting the demise of America. We could also start asking the Washington politician, do you take contributions from Wal-Mart?


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