“BFD tee-shirts” Fox pushing old news to promote book sales?


image source: fox-free-zone.com

“Fox and Friends”, breaking the story again? Saturday morning, covering what you could say is old news, “BFD” tee-shirts are back. The Joe Biden stupid statement made prior to the news conference being held by President Obama on healthcare. If you haven’t heard, the B= Big, the D= Deal both okay and the “F” is profanity. Fox@friends, are claiming that the Obama campaign is attempting to sell these tee’s for their 2012 campaign.

Whether or not the vulgar t-shirts are authorized by the campaign remains to be seen but, they are out there.  It does show up on mybarackobama.com , a site that is a “joint fundraising committee authorized by Obama for America, The Democratic National Committee and State Democratic Parties. The site sells many other items of advertising for President Obama. Dog tee-shirts, stickers and yard signs promoting Obama’s 2012 re-election efforts.

The Fox@Friends coverage of this old news, might be an effort to promote Todd Starnes’s new book, “Dispatches from Bitter America”, released in 2/1/2012. Starne’s who works for Fox conveniently works in a link to buy is book on his Fox blog post dated, March 24,2012. Promoting a book with a blog article, nothing new. Fox, circulating old news on the same day? Seems clear to me what is going on.

The tee-shirts? The gaffe made by Biden certainly is not his first and chances are won’t be his last. In a nation that has become hyper-sensitive to words, the tee-shirt was/is a dumb idea no matter who is behind it.

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