The rhetoric in Washington and from unfriendly state governments has the middle class in dire straits. The 99% must rally together and mobilize themselves if the class is to survive let alone grow. The site is dedicated to opinions on issues and ELECTIONS that impact the lives of all of us each day. We might not always agree but spirited debate is what has made this country great and will return us to prosperity. Opinions which are meant to motivate/educate to advance and grow the middle-class, the people who built this nation.

I have been active in the labor movement for the past 25 years. With this experience along with a lifetime of working hard, I along with the contributions of others will strive to provide informative views in the spirit of better living. The views expressed are opinions and are meant to motivate and mobilize the 99% to support one another. Lively dialogue is welcomed.

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Shane Johnson has completed undergraduate degrees in the fields of History and Education. Through extensive reading, researching, and collaboration, he recognizes the unique role of History in shaping the consciousness of a people. History should be sought to enlighten society about the world in which it finds itself, to build on the successes and failures of those who came before. While humans collectively create their own fate, voices from the past are always waiting to light the path.

  “History cannot provide confirmation that something better is inevitable; but it can uncover evidence that it is conceivable”.
                                                            -Howard Zinn
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  1. It’s simple…buy USA made products when you can and more good middle class jobs will be created in the USA. And yes, manufacturing is coming back to the USA.
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  2. I came across this website while researching Republican lies about Unions. Corporate lackeys, bought and paid for is what most of them are.

    We, the Middle Class need to speak up now before it’s too late. The situation is dire and the consequences of inactivity will be disastrous.

    Thank you for creating this site. I will do my best to spread the word about it.

  3. Nice start…At least someone is willing to stand up and say something to help defend working families. We need to stand together or there will be no middle class!!! If the republicans have there way there will be just rich or poor, upper class or lower class. Back to the dark ages. Good luck to you sir…I will spread the word about the site to all my friends.

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