Public Records, access to Robin William’s death


The death of Robin Williams, tragic, a part of living? It hasn’t been a week since the news that Robin Williams took his own life. The reports, speculation, and many facts have come out. We know now, so we should be moving on and leave the tragic subject allowing  those who truly loved him to mourn. But, this will not happen quickly. The tabloids have and will continue to run with the William’s suicide and milk all the sales that they possibly can. The family, friends and others who loved him, well they really don’t matter when sales are in […] Read more »

Happy, satisfy your today

The future is right now! So get up off our backside and get started. I don’t know about you but statements such as those do little to motivate. Not that they aren’t accurate but I think there might be a better way to get ourselves moving. What is the future? What is your future or mine? Wherever you are in life, preparing for tomorrow’s today is paramount in being happy. Happy is not being defined as cheerful or comfortable with your financial status. Happy is? There is nothing new  behind about what I wrote in the above paragraph. It was […] Read more »

Lawsuit against President Obama, just plain stupid

Boehner backs away from tax cut

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to sue President Obama for “over-stepping his powers”.  Along party lines (225-201) the Boehner led Republicans are moving forward with a lawsuit directed at his application of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The GOP are claiming  Obama has picked and chosen only the desirable pieces of the legislation, while not enacting others. Where do they go from here? Well the House of Representatives is off on a well deserved five week vacation, so I imagine very little (as normal) will come from them. The lawyers, well they will get some action on the taxpayer dollar. […] Read more »

The solar White House

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The White House’s new solar panels are installed capping a project originally announced by President Obama in 2010. The project did not begin until late 2013, the cost to the taxpayer? Unknown as security issues will keep us from knowing how much and how many panels were installed. The solar panels will provide hot water and some electricity for the White House. This is not a first for the White House. President Carter installed a solar water heating system in the late 1970′s at a cost of $30,000. Quickly removed by President Reagan when he took office.President George W. Bush […] Read more »

Atlantic City out of business?

NJ internet gambling

The Atlantic Club, Showboat, Trump Plaza victims of the failure to look toward the future? With the gigantic Revel possibly the next to announce closing their doors is Atlantic City on their final leg? Competition with Pennsylvania has taken plenty of gambling dollars away from Atlantic City and in response what has New Jersey done to inject life into the gambling town? Well they threw big money in tax incentives at the Revel to finish and open. In-state online gaming passed, not that this will do anything to bring customers to the city. So, what is next? On a recent […] Read more »

Governor Christie, why he’s not presidential material


Governor Christie as head of the Republican Governor’s Association was in Iowa last week. Raising money and stumping for himself as well as other presidential hopefuls. Christie has yet to say that he is planning to run and this visit is not going to change his announced status. The short of  “why Christie cannot win a presidential election”: 1> His personality, Christie who has never apologized for who he is or to quote Christie  “I am who I am” (isn’t that a Popeye quote?)  Bluster, yelling and his bombastic personality the main reason why he will not win a single primary […] Read more »

Unions, negotiations, proposals, reality


Knowing what to ask for or demand(?) It is all about respect and you might get what you deserve if you don’t know the real world. Understanding the world around you is very, I repeat VERY important when heading to negotiations. Passing that knowledge on to the rank and file , that is not all that easy. When the average wage increase across America stands at two percent (2%) heading in with a proposal of five percent (5%) or more is not very realistic. What are you doing with your time in negotiations once that proposal is read? The answer is you are wasting […] Read more »

Shared Services in New Jersey expanding to fireworks?

we the people

In many towns across the United States this past holiday weekend, fireworks were part of the festivities. The grand finale and the final BOOM! The crowd shows their appreciation with some applause, then scurries to the cars. All total, show lasts 20-30 minutes. Unless, the town bordering yours is firing off fireworks on the same day. A bit of searching, you might get another glimpse of this wonderful July 4th tradition. New Jersey like many states across the nation, have tightened the reins in on spending (well they would like you to believe they did). Way back when during Governor […] Read more »

Vacations and adapting to cultures?

New Jersey beaches

Vacation’s, this is what we work hard for, isn’t it? Life is much different when your on vacation. It’s not necessarily your geography and the people around you, it is you! In this case “me” that is different. Why? Well for one there is no stress! Off from work, no need to wake up or have any particular place to be, it is, invigorating! Spending the time doing what you want, in my case plenty of fishing, crabbing, the beach. South, we have discussed the change in demeanor, friendliness and politeness before. The further south the nicer the people. But […] Read more »

Governor Christie to short state pension system

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When Governor Christie passed his 2011 pension and health benefits reform, there was a PROMISE. The promise to actually pay the benefits. Fast forward to 2014, Governor Christie’s budget is short to the tune of $2.7 billion and he wants to reduce payments to the state pension system. For those with short memory, the pension issue was huge in his election victory. Christie hammered then Governor Corzine for his “budget gimmicks” and his lack of responsibility to those in the state pension system. Christie has used executive order to skirt pension payments, reducing the states payments from $1.6 billion this […] Read more »

War, the ultimate business model

U,S. war machine

Iraq where we spent a decade, overthrowing, rebuilding (?) and preparing their military to take over is falling to rebels. Is the U.S. to blame for leaving the country  insecure or is the Iraq government to blame? Listening to the news, they (government) would like you to believe the Iraq government is to blame. “Not being inclusive of all sects”. If that is the case, then you still may say the U.S. Government is partially to blame for not forcing the issue of inclusion. Whatever the excuse for the failure, the U.S. Government may have successfully distanced themselves enough so […] Read more »

Obama ends Septa Strike, for now

Obama’s executive order ending the Septa strike, returning the railways back to full service, is another action from “big government”. Yes kids, I said big government! Governor Corbett who requested this intervention is a Republican, so is he in support of government over reaching? In the case of the American Worker vs. Business he most certainly is, apparent by the request? The sad fact is that the represented workers who operate and maintain Septa’s trains have been without a contract since July 2009. Nearly five years after the expiration of their contract they walk out. Big Government steps in immediately […] Read more »

New Jersey taxpayers to fund Sixers practice facility

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The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers will be getting a new practice facility in Camden, NJ on the NJ taxpayer. The new building that will also house corporate offices has a price tag of $82 million. The State of NJ has promised $8.2 million a year in tax-breaks for 10 years. We don’t need to work out the math do we? It will be free for the team! The state of  New Jersey or again the taxpayer, are promised 250 jobs. The tax receipts for the 250 jobs over 10 years? It is safe to say it will not be $82 million. The […] Read more »

George Orwell’s 1984, a prophetic work on the death of the middle-class


If you have been lucky enough to be at the same job for ten, twenty or thirty years; more than likely you have seen plenty of change. “Family Atmosphere”, today this is not the norm on the job. If “family” is used at all you might be calling yours a “Dysfunctional Family”. Not so way back when, businesses were different in the way they treated employees. Not that I am saying there weren’t flaws in the treatment of workers. But attitude and yes sincerity was genuine or at least it seemed to be. What we have in large part today is gift giving, awards and […] Read more »

Living a flight delay

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Sorry, your flight has been delayed. Words nobody ever wants to hear. The worst of it was the reason why. Announced mechanical issue, waiting on the part to arrive. YIKES! Thankfully as the time passed, a new plane was to arrive and that was one we would use. What I learned for this experience? Probably nothing most do not already know about airports and people. But this is for therapy as I am writing as I am watching the goings on around me. I started writing because of a fellow traveler. I was asleep in the chair, he decided to […] Read more »