Bernie Sander’s wins minority voters with his record

With a New Hampshire win in his back pocket Bernie Sander’s heads south to win the minority voter. Yes to win, and his formula is simple. Continue with the issues that matter most. Jobs, education, college debt, health care for all. $15 minimum wage.  These issues are the issues of the minority voter as well as the rest of the 99%. Clinton’s lead in this block of voters is name recognition. And with his win, Sanders as some more.

Sander’s record on civil rights? He attended the 1963 March on Washington. And began his career  as someone who got involved; as a student participating in sit-ins.

Seven month’s ago Sander’s was trailing Clinton . Today, Sander’s is right on her heels. Getting the message out, voters of all creeds need good jobs don’t they?

NJ Water supply, look out going private!

Governor Christie our absentee governor, has just signed bill, A-3628/S-2412 (Greenwald, S. Kean/Sarlo, Kyrillos) – “Water Infrastructure Protection Act” Under the act, New Jersey towns can now sell or lease their water rights. Meaning, privatization of New Jersey’s water supply . Initially introduced in September 2014 its finalization a bit scary in the wake of the  Flint water disaster.

One piece of the bill  standing out, a demonstrated lack of historical investment, repair, or sustainable maintenance as determined by the department, 

Christie capped tax increases in municipalities  some years back. Wouldn’t this impact money available for such activity by municipalities? Maybe not the complete cause of lack of investment but certainly a contributor.

But lets not just bitch at Christie, the Democratic Legislature signed on for this. Our water supply in the hands of corporate entities? Looks like more bottle water coming on the horizon!

Has Camden benefited from police takeover

May 2015 President Obama used Camden as his backdrop for announcing the “feds would no longer provide certain military equipment for local police” (Such as bayonets,  grenade launchers, etc.) Community policing was his theme and Camden the example of success. Praising the department for reducing crime and cutting the murder rate in half.

2013 began the new policing model in Camden. We were very critical of Camden and Camden County after eliminating the Camden Police force and creating  the  “County Police Department”. Referring to the force in Camden as the Metro force.  Promising more boots on the ground by cutting salaries and benefits. Cheaper cops becomes more cops and that equals lesser crime?  Moving forward to 2016 how has Camden County delivered since their take-over of the Camden police?

For 2015, Camden ranks sixth in the nation for murder rate. This a drop from #1 in 2014. Overall, the city ranks 4% safer than all other cities in the United States.

The future of the Camden County Police is a bit concerning. Since the take-over turnover of police is an issue. Prior to the presidents visit nearly 120 officers had resigned. With the average tenure of a new hire being under a year. Could salary play a part in the short tenure as a rookie cop is being paid under $32,000 a year.

Today we have the murder rate trending down in Camden, first place to 6th on the list of most dangerous cities. 4% better than other places to live in the United States. Is this a model that should be enacted around the country as President Obama suggested last May,
“I’ve come here to Camden to do something that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago and that is to hold you up as a symbol of promise to the nation,”  I think I may hold off on that a bit. As far as the  future of “Camden County Police”? I use quotation marks because today the county department with its metro division still has only one participant, the city of Camden. Is there a name change on the horizon?

Chris Christie R-NJ delusional or jackass?

“Really, this New Hampshire primary is now down to a choice between me and Marco Rubio, and everybody knows it,” This the quote coming out of NH from Chris Christie. Delusional or Jackass?

Christie finished 10th in Iowa, Rubio 3rd. Okay, confidence and the way you present yourself is highly important especially if you want to be president. So lets give Christie his just respect in that area with an A plus grade….or is he delusional?  Trump leads the pack in New Hampshire with 29% of the vote followed by Christie? NO! Christie is hanging out with the likes of Carly  Fiorina with 4% of the vote. With a debate left and some hard campaigning can Christie climb to above 29% ? As for Rubio he stands in second with 18%.

Chris Christie, jackass or delusional? He has long been a  jackass. With this proclamation of the two person race? Now he is a delusional jackass. Maybe he’s secretly working for Trump who’s promised to pay off his campaign debt?


Coin flips decide Iowa caucus Sanders-Clinton tie

Heading to New Hampshire Hillary Clinton is squeezing the steering wheel of the campaign bus. Hanging on to beat Bernie Sanders by a slim margin. And, in precincts such as  Davenport and Des Moines, winning by a coin-flip for delegates. In polling,  almost 3 in 10 say experience is the most important quality in deciding which candidate to back. This should point clearly to why Sander’s campaign was successful in Iowa as he is framed as an outsider. (Survey:The Associated Press and the television networks by Edison Research) Sanders has a huge lead in New Hampshire where he is better-known then to South Carolina and beyond?

Ted Cruz finished 3 percentage points ahead of Trump. Could his absence from the debate be the blame for his loss? New Hampshire is it a must win for Trump? The wheels may come  off the bus if he doesn’t.

O'Malley wikipedia.orgMartin O’Malley has officially suspended his campaign after his distant third place finish. On the GOP side Mike Huckabee former Iowa caucus winner has also suspended his campaign.


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