Donald Trump’s Vice-Presidential pick is

Now that Ted Cruz has stolen Carly Fiorina away from Trump who will be his nominee for VP? The Republican Party is badly damaged. Healing of the party will need to be a priority as well as bringing women, minorities and moderates to the voting booths.

The voter backlash should tell the GOP one thing, they need to get this pick right. With that in mind I scoured over the internet looking for some experienced people who would not turn people off, please the base and the GOP party bosses/donors.


Martha McSally> Congresswoman from Arizona she is also a former Air Force pilot retiring with the rank of colonel. Winning her election in 2014 after a recount.  McSally is a Pro-lifer, would repeal the Affordable Care Act, and doesn’t support tax increases on any level.  She’s on record supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline and sending illegals home first before they can apply for citizenship. Martha McSally is not perfectly aligned with Trump but she is in line with the GOP donor base.


Nikki Haley> Elected South Carolina’s 116th governor she endorsed Marco Rubio and once he left she saddled up to Ted Cruz. She’s currently in her second term which will end in 2019. The GOP put her out front of the party in 2016 as Haley responded to President Obama’s state of the union. She previously was in the South Carolina House of representatives serving from 2004. Nikki Haley’s mantra is anti-tax and has been since running for her first elected office.  Being a daughter of an immigrant Nikki Haley’s stance on immigration is to enforce the laws of the land. Proven track record of GOP economics, a great appeal to the party donors. Yes Koch Brothers she’s a less regulations gal.

Two choices for Trump that would unite the party and more importantly bring over some women, moderates and maybe a few minority voters. Between Martha McSally and Nikki Haley? Haley would bring executive experience and more political experience to the White House. Both though would improve Trump’s image with women. Who will be Trump’s pick? Both are good choices but would they even want the job?


Poor Sam Bradford, $22 million Jackass

Going outside of the political venue for a bit I was looking for a Keeping it Light article. It could be deemed this except maybe in Philadelphia.

Sam Bradford, the current starting quarterback in Philadelphia who just weeks back signed a contract extension. Signing a two-year deal worth $40 million and $22 million of it guaranteed. Just recently the Eagles completed a trade moving up in the draft to the #2 spot and said they will draft a quarterback of the future. Since, tears have been flowing from Bradford and “wants to be traded” this through his agent.

Bradford wants to be the starter, plain and simple. But with basically no interest from others he signed the deal with the Eagles. Coming off a 7-9 record where Bradford wasn’t healthy for all the games why would the Eagles even sign him is a mystery. Unless….you look at his deal. Which was basically a one year deal with an option for the second. That in itself should tell you aren’t in the long-term vision of the team and despite this, Bradford signed the deal.

Did his agent get what was going on? He certainly should have. You would expect that he conveyed this to his client. But one might think the client might be smart enough to see the writing on the wall for himself.

So who’s the jackass? Bradford for crying over potentially making $22 million to sit on his ass? The Eagles who are willing to pay him? Or the agent who didn’t do his job by letting poor Sam know he wasn’t the man for long?


Green Party’s Jill Stein an alternative to the establishment

Back in the 2012 election I had the opportunity to hear Jill Stein speak in Philadelphia. It was an enlightening political experience that left an impact on my political thinking. Flash forward to 2016 to a different election, the anti-establishment election. Trump is leading the GOP and Bernie Sanders has given Hillary Clinton a good run but after yesterdays I-95 primaries it looks as if it is over. Sanders or Bust, has been a theme repeated often by his supporters. I personally understand and hear them. I have said before and will say it again, it will be difficult to choke down the bile to pull the Clinton lever. Voting against my better judgment for fear of what the other side (Trump) offers. Alternatives outside the write-in vote will be available (maybe not in every state) outside of the Republican & Democratic nominees.

Jill Stein 2016>

Her platform is similar to the 2012 campaigns. With 80 billionaires controlling as much as 50% of the wealth Stein stands with the majority (99%). Stein would like to see the debt of college students canceled and make public education free. Also ending privatization of the education system is on her list of priorities. Climate change and moving to alternative energy has been in her sights long before this campaign, having print opinions on this going back to 2010  available on this link.

Jill SteinStein on the economy> opposes free trade agreements as job killing agreements that benefit corporations. She’s stated opposition to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP).  Comparing to NAFTA she’s labeled the TPP like others as NAFTA on steroids. Stein takes the position that NAFTA is to blame for the wave of illegal immigration into the United States. The Affordable Care Act another huge economic issue she is taking the stand ” it is an illusion to believe this is a step forward to single-payer.”

For more on her campaign click here.

With the Democratic nomination process winding down alternatives may be needed. Jill Stein certainly best replicates the Bernie Sanders model from what I know from 2012 and with the information available. Voting your interests, if this is important to you then Jill Stein may be your candidate in November.




Transgender and bathrooms what’s the real issue?

North Carolina’s Transgender law, what it says on your birth certificate is the restroom where you will go. Gender identity and the lack of acceptance of a group of people in North Carolina. Though many have stood up and addressed this as discrimination, many have not. I have seen posts on social media of statements of “would you let your daughter use the bathroom with him?” We need to lighten up and see it for what it is, the bathroom!

What we do in a bathroom is between you and the toilet and in a public restroom whoever else is in there. I like probably EVERYONE have experienced the bathroom blowout. Out and about and then it comes, rushing to find the nearest restroom. Looking for the sign Men or the little person picture that would signify men. Why is the men’s room always second down the hallway? Courtesy to women I imagine, which I’m fine with, but not just at that moment.  I have used the public bathroom when others have been experiencing a blow-out as well. It’s a bit uncomfortable and I generally try to get the heck out of there ASAP! Does the individual behind the door feel just as uncomfortable? I know I do when its me but nature calls it calls! I wonder, do women experience these moments? The all-out-blow-out? I’ll be the only one that maybe will admit it but they can be extremely noisy.

Sharing a bathroom at home with my woman, took me years to feel comfortable with her nearby let alone in the bathroom. She doesn’t come in! I mean again why would I want her to hear me do my business? But yet she has :/ remarking on occasion, followed by a snicker. How embarrassing! Other members of the family have also bore witness to the noises. I can’t imagine that I am the only one that is uncomfortable with what goes on in the bathroom. So just from that vantage point we all have an issue don’t we.

How this relates to the North Carolina transgender issue? The bathroom is for crapping and pissing. Predators in the public restroom the fear? Well it has happened and would be why you wouldn’t send a young child to a public bathroom alone. Men preying on young boys has happened and women have done this as well. Transgender people are they any more likely to commit these offenses?


All gender bathrooms are becoming commonplace in the nations colleges and universities.. If this was a common theme throughout the United States would there be a North Carolina law? No there wouldn’t. If the U.S. had public gender neutral bathrooms from the start we all would be a little more comfortable with what really goes on in the bathroom in every way.

As always I welcome all respectful dialogue.

Divide and Conquer the workforce

dīvide et īmpera

American business, the Top 1%, to divide and conquer the workforce. Moving from volatile attacks on the worker to an embracing and gentle approach in the workplace. Putting the worker to sleep.

Lets start by the idea of “inclusion in the workplace” where everyone’s opinion matters and is heard. The open door policy of the boss, where you bring your idea to him/her, and make your pitch or discuss your complaint. How many of your ideas have been heard and implemented where YOU got the credit or better yet some monetary value? maybe you’ve had a suggestion or concern left unaddressed, but still getting the “thank you for your thoughts” In the old days it was a suggestion box placed in a common area. The elimination of the suggestion box does eliminate the complaint part of it from some of the weaker in the workforce. We all aren’t the same personality, some need the anonymous (for the record I am no advocate of anonymous more like cowardly) .  The open door policy of management has effectively closed the mouths of the less confident. It also gives the impression that the individual can be successful on their own without a formal procedure. ( i.e Union)

Surveys: Companies have implemented these programs to better read their employees, getting an advantage. Generally, after they compile the statistics they come out with their target points to work on. More times than not, the target points are cost neutral to the company. They want more productive employees (cause they are happier and believe the company cares) that doesn’t cost them any money. Survey’s are the equivalent to a suggestion box , anonymous bitching that those that are less-confident or have no guts can make a complaint. I hate to break it to business but YOU are WASTING YOUR  MONEY on surveying your employees. 95% of your employees don’t give a crap about the content of the survey. These same people have no desire to make their work environment better. In turn, does the employee actually believe anything of substance will come from these surveys? Maybe the survey will create one feel good opportunity or the company will hand out a free luncheon……….

Yes the FREE LUNCH. Watch as you see all the little worker-ants flock to get a free spoonful of baked ziti or a sandwich from the hoagie tray! Make way for those who are fastest and also that do not wash their hands! These are the worst of the Great American Unwashed!  Have these individuals ever thought of the impact they would have if they skipped the “free lunch”? Cause it is NOT FREE. Could the boss/company take this feel good event and the few other bones they throw the workers and actually do something of real substance with them? Say like add it to the employee’s salary? Hey I’d take 1 cent a year per hour extra! One time warm and fuzzy moments will not help in your retirement years! How about increasing my pension not decreasing it! I recall my place of employment when the company decreased the contribution to the pension plan, barely a peep from the work force. But when they did away with the Holiday Party at Christmas??? OUTRAGE! These examples were written to show that business has already fooled the American worker for the most part. Believing that “we are a family and lets break some bread together” RECAP> ANGRY over canceling the Holiday Party, no anger over pension cut. Has the majority of workers been fooled already? You be the judge.

Everyone can be promoted! The younger generation of worker seems to have bought in to this notion. Maybe it is not just limited to today’s youth. This dirty trick of management to get the worker believing with a little more work, just a little extra, will get you noticed. Of course management is stating this to anyone who will listen. Which in the end leaves management with many an unruly worker when they finally realize they aren’t getting the coveted promotion. Pitting one worker against the other in competition is bad for business, especially when it really isn’t a competition (that’s found out when it’s too late for the worker). Far too often than not it is those who kiss the ass the best as many of us know too well. The temporary increase in production may get “the boss” noticed and moved up and out before anyone realizes they are being screwed.

These are just a few of the many ways management and the Top 1%  gets over on their workers, dividing them with hope of promotion, favorite treatment, or just a hoagie.  Being seasoned in the workforce is a benefit as these tricks are clear to me, today. Sure I have been fooled early in my career. I have allowed myself to participate (not anytime recently) in some of these shenanigans. I have learned the hard way and so will you. The real problem is it will never go away unless we educate the youth on the dirty tricks played by the Top 1% and their management “team”.

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