My Break-up Letter to the Democratic Party

Dear Democratic Party,

We’ve been together for a number of years now. We’ve shared good times as well as bad times. You helped make me a better person, showed me things I’ve never seen, and inspired me with your words. When we first met, I was lost and confused. I saw a troubled world but couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly the problems were and, more importantly, how to change it. You helped me, you showed me your way. I was young and in love.

I was naïve.

In those early days, before I saw your true colors, you were a symbol of Hope. You carried a message of progress and change, of striving toward justice and equality for all. You spoke words that resonated deep within me, and you showed me how depraved your enemies were. I came to see them as being responsible for all that was wrong in the world. They became my enemies also. You were the light, and if only our enemies, who threw shade upon the People, could be cast aside then the world could be made in your image. Though the roads may wind, you made it clear that there were two (and, as I came to learn, only two) distinct paths. I only had to choose and act. I was a true believer.

You never liked to talk about it, but I knew of your dark past. In your youth you stood for hatred, slavery, the Confederacy, and Jim Crow. But you put all of that behind you and changed your tone.  Now you stood for the New Deal, the Great Society, you spoke for the common man against the ravages of the rich and powerful. At least that’s what you worked tirelessly to make people believe…

Throughout our time together, I learned much and grew as a person. The more I learned about the world, the more I began to worry about some of the things that you did. I began to notice that you spent a great deal of energy on your message, but very little on actualizing it. You blamed your enemy, of course, claiming they blocked your course. If only they were gone, then you would be able to do the things you promised and more. I believed you…for a time.

I began to realize that, for all your ravings against your enemy, the two of you weren’t all that different. Your language differed greatly, but when it came to fundamental issues –the very core of the problems our society faces, the two of you were in complete agreement. The only differences were matters of form, style, and pace. Your enemy peddled a poison so vile and expected us all to drink it in one large gulp. But instead of offering a cure, you peddled the same poison. Sure, you packaged it differently, served it with sugar, and, in your endless benevolence, only asked that we all swallow it in tiny sips. In the end, you never truly wanted to fundamentally change our world because you had a very privileged place in it. You were part of the very same system I foolishly believed you were fighting against.

Your strength was in your deception. You are a master manipulator. Your enemy lacks your nuance, your poise, your loquacious nature, and your skill at misdirection. Your ability to smile in ones face while slyly picking their pocket, all the while convincing them it is for their own good, is evidence of either the most nefarious sociopathy or the deepest self-denial. Neither of which are conducive to a healthy relationship, let alone a healthy society.

When I began to express these concerns to you was when I began to see who you truly are. You never really valued me, nor my opinions. You didn’t care for me, only what I could do for you. You wanted a loyal soldier, not a partner. When I dared raise my voice in protest, you shouted me down. You went out of your way to make me feel small. You called me stupid. You labelled me a trouble maker. You made it clear that the only choice I had was you or your enemy. When I wouldn’t obey, it was often your mouth that ordered the blows which struck me down. You used your enemy as a weapon to hang over my head. If I ever left you it would strengthen your enemy, you’d say. When I attempted to hold you to your promises, you’d make excuses and scold me for even bringing it up. I didn’t feel as if you cared one bit about me. You were abusive and cruel whenever I dared challenge you.

If and when you ever did listen to me, you would take my ideas, change them to fit your agenda (and, thus, change their meaning entirely), and pass those same ideas off as your own.  I was expected to defer to you, since the whole world revolved around you and your perennial battle with your enemy. There were many times when I wanted to leave, but you used fear to keep me chained to your will. I feared your enemy. You made it clear I would not be able to make it without you. If I dared find someone else, they’d never be able to give me what you gave me. At first, this worked. Fear of insecurity led me to stay in this abusive relationship. Sometimes you’d even seem to be taking my ideas seriously, attempting to change and actually fight for progress. I’d get excited and stick around, feeling that this time would be different. Every time I was let down. I do not believe you can change. This is who you are and who you’ve always been. If your enemy were to disappear tomorrow and the power you so desperately crave became unrestrictedly yours, you would still be you. You’d still serve the same interests as you always have. You are fundamentally and constitutionally incapable of anything else.

This is why I am finally mustering up the courage, dignity, and self-respect to leave you. I am breaking up with you. Thank you for all of the experiences we’ve had, but I can no longer be your slave. I will begin to date others. I do not know if I will find “the one”. If I do, they will definitely be clumsier, poorer, and with far less power and influence than you have. They will not be able to give me all that you could give me. I know this. But they can do something that you cannot: they can treat me as a human being with dignity. They can fight for what is right and work toward building a world you can only pretend you care about. I would rather fail fighting for my values than to win fighting for yours. You will scream that you are the “lesser of two evils” and do everything in your power to force me back into line. But all it will do is remind me that you are, in fact, evil. You tried so hard to make me see your enemy as the enemy. But you are also the enemy. You are dragging us all down with you in your war.

I am today proclaiming my right to refuse to be a part of it. We are through. I am not the person I was all of those years ago when I fell under your spell. I fully admit that it is I who has changed. You have not, and that is the problem. I hope that you change and that we can be friends again someday. I will be happy to work with you in the future, but never under you. A future of hope and change, a future worthy of dignified human life, is a world without you and the interests you serve. I hope others find the courage and the will to embrace a scary and insecure future in order to get away from an assuredly oppressive one. Only then does a better world become possible. Good-bye.



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George H.W. Bush: Establishment Politics before Party

It’s all over the internet, former President George H.W. Bush will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is a slap in the face to the Republican Party some may say. Donald Trumps’ campaign has basically called it sour grapes, “a tough primary and feelings being hurt” aka they talking about the early exit of Jeb Bush. What do you think? Maybe, establishment politics before party?


Who best represents the interests of big business, Trump or Clinton? Who will invest in war in the middle-east under the guise of protecting Israel? Who will continue on and expand trade-agreements? If you believe what has come out of Donald Trumps’ mouth he is not the candidate who will do those things. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is the candidate who will dump tax money into Israel or as stated in The Times of Israel,  dated September 21 title, “No better friend than Hillary Clinton”. In August 2015 put out a piece on Hillarys’ timeline on her position on trade-agreements. If you weren’t aware she was a supporter of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). And before Senator Sanders was a threat to her nomination, Clinton called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) the “gold standard”.

For clarity, I DO NOT SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP! I do support telling it like it is and the above tells you, Clinton is more of a Republican than Trump is. If it is true that George H.W. Bush will vote for Hillary Clinton on election day he is voting for continuing on with establishment politics, PERIOD. The pathetic Democratic Party has embraced this as something of a good thing for the party. They apparently think all of us are STUPID.

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The Why Behind Voting Third-Party

“60% of Americans Want a Third Party Candidate for 2016”, “Americans Are Disgusted By Both Republican and Democratic Parties” The second quote coming from polling done by Gerald Celente in 2009, suggesting that a third-party candidate could win in 2012.  Both quotes appeared in a 2013 piece on titled, “Americans are disgusted by both the Republican and Democratic Parties. 60% , an astronomical number. But considering where we are today with a Trump/Clinton showdown and how “disgusted” we were in 2009, one would think we would be writing about the first woman president being from the Green Party. But we are not. We are again talking about the need for a third-party and how we dislike both candidates/parties. We have gone nowhere in the last 7 years.

Why no third-party? Who likes to lose? I certainly don’t! And maybe just this simple fact is why voters become impotent at the polls. 60% of us wanted a third-party back in 2009, where did they all go? If it is not the fear of being on the losing side then could it be American’s are just lazy? When you have voting participation in the 50% range in major elections applauded as a good turnout, LAZY is the only word that comes to mind.Too lazy to vote being too lazy to do the work advancing a third-party is plausible. Or, maybe when it comes down to it voters are just AFRAID of change.

Final thought on the subject, we have far too many sheep. Being told how to vote and for whom, in campaign ads on the radio, television and internet. With all the outside money flowing into elections, voters are herded up, partitioned off into there respective areas by? Big business and the Political Action Committees who own both the Republican and Democratic parties but favor the  DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Yes, the party that is telling you they are fighting against Wall-Street, and Big Oil are flooding all media outlets with misinformation for the voter to gobble up.

So, will we sit back and continue to complain of the candidates? Will we stay home because the one we wanted is not on the ballot? Will we listen to the Democrats and Republicans when they say your vote is wasted when you don’t vote for a major party candidate? Change can occur, with showing some fortitude and ignoring what the parties of BIG BUSINESS are telling you. If 60% of the voters followed their hearts in 2009 when electing a president in 2012 where would we be? Today we would be discussing the re-election of someone that is not Democrat or Republican.

Today, I am formally endorsing Jill Stein Green Party or Gary Johnson Libertarian Party for President of the United States. Whoever is polling higher on election day will have my vote. These two candidates are the polar opposite of one another yes; but change is needed and all votes count toward federal campaign dollars, I want another voice.

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The grotesque future for New Jersey the corporate plan

Red Bank environment rally Marching in protest of the grotesque, this my belief of what Saturday’s Third-Party march in Red Bank, NJ represented. “Grotesque” is my word, not the word of those who organized it. I believe that “Grotesque” is much more appropriate and needs to be the rally word, let me explain.

The Green Party, Socialist Party, and Socialist Alternative Party all were represented at the event with one common theme, the environment. Speaking against the grotesque misdeeds inflicted by big oil and gas and potential new ones. Future pipelines leaking on our lands, destroying our water supply and not just in North Dakota. The effects of fracking may soon be a reality in New Jersey if proposed pipelines are approved. When one thinks of the Pinelands you do not envision  a pipeline, but soon you may. 22 miles of it, carved through the “protected” land. But this is not the only potential pipeline in New Jersey. The Southern Reliability Link, as proposed would be a 30 inch pipe running 28 miles. To be carved out through North Hanover, Chesterfield, North Hanover, Upper Freehold, Plumstead, Lakehurst, ending in Manchester. Protesters have marched in the past against this “grotesque” injustice as they did this past Saturday, “No fracking pipelines” one of our chants as we snaked through the streets of Red Bank. Awareness, were you aware of the potential “grotesque” future for New Jersey? It’s Pinelands? They weren’t just chanting about North Dakota!

Awareness! I the protester was participating to bring more awareness to an issue that I did not have the complete picture. After listening to the speakers at the end point of the march I left with more information then I came with. The moral, you aren’t always speaking to the choir. A “grotesque future” for New Jersey, the corporate plan of running pipelines through our natural preserves and country side of OUR state.



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Racism today how we’ve not learned from No Irish Need Apply

Pic: Jim Thorpe PA defenderofthemiddleclass

Pic: Jim Thorpe PA defenderofthemiddleclass

On a recent visit to Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania I had the opportunity to tour the “Old Jail”. An active jail until the late 1990’s that I have toured a few times since it’s closing. Returning every few years with others who have not visited, and some who have. Each time I visit, I leave with different feelings. Generally inspired by the tour guide and the dialogue I have with my companions during and after the tour. “No Irish need apply”, this sign hangs in many places around Jim Thorpe as a reminder to this past injustice.

Brief History:

The jail was built 1869/1870. The jail is best known for being the site of the executions of  Molly Maguires (unionists) suspected of murder. This history being what drives the tourism to the jail which is now a museum. Prior to the execution of one of the prisoners he rubbed his hand along the floor and placed his dirt covered hand on the wall, declaring his innocence in the murders “my print a symbol of my innocence.” The print has been painted over, plaster removed and re-plastered, but the print returned. Did they execute an innocent man? The print which remains today would indicate he was.

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Who were the Molly Maguire’s

With 22,000 workers (5500 children) coal mining was the largest industry in Pennsylvania. The working conditions were unsafe, wages low. Many workers became indentured servants to the company. Living in company houses. Buying supplies at company stores, all at inflated prices. The exploitation of mine workers was the basis for the Molly Maguire activity in the area. Some historians believe that all of their work was clandestine, others do not. Death, injury and exploitation is why this group became active. (In a seven-year period 566 miners were killed and 1655 were seriously injured) Many of these exploited workers were Irish immigrants who spoke little if any English.

My visit and feelings:

As I started out saying, each time I visit I leave with different feelings. this time the feeling, how little has really changed since the coal mining days. Today instead of Irish immigrants, it is the Mexicans and those who believe in Islam being singled out. Just as the Coal Miners were fighting for a fair wage, the Fight for 15 is in full protest mode. Our modern-day indentured servants to the company, those working and still living in poverty. “No Irish need apply” We have Presidential candidate Donald Trump advocating building a wall on our border to  keep out who he has tagged as “rapists and murderers”, and desires a “super-vetting” process for those who worship Islam and other immigrant groups. Trump wants to abolish the minimum wage, a shot at many immigrants who work in low-wage jobs.

Despite all the political correctness our society clearly discriminates based off of race. How do you explain the support for Donald Trump? His message is about division, racially and economically and people are flocking to him?! Our country is divided without a doubt, being divided by wealth the most insidious problem of this election cycle. This wealth is being used to divide the 99 percent one ethnic group at a time. “We the People” need to understand what power the economic divide has over our country, and tear down that wall! Exposing those who truly are the real problem, the 1%.



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