Chris Christie joins crowded GOP field

Chris Christie 2016, the 27th candidate to join the GOP field. Being a New Jersey native I have seen close up the  horror of his leadership. As recently as last week,  Christie single handily wrecked the future of New Jersey. The state legislature sent Christie a budget that would firmly address the state pension system (as in paying the bill). Christie promptly got out the pen and line vetoed the remedy. Why? Because of his continued belief that taxing the millionaires less will bring investment and jobs. Christie’s NJ  ranks near last in job creation, and is near the top in unemployment. Christie has stuck with this system of giving the top 1% tax breaks through his entire time as governor. So despite the failure of the states economy, Christie has remained consistent for the past 6 years. (Isn’t this the definition of insanity?)

As for some of his past: have we forgotten the use of the State Police helicopter for his personal use? Christie did pay back the taxpayer but it brings into question judgement, does it not? Or the more recent bridgegate. Though no direct connection was made to Christie, it is under his watch, his administration. We may consider his treatment of others during “town hall’s” when someone disagree’s with him. Yelling people down, calling them stupid!?

This and much more awaits those who have interest in getting to know the candidate. You can search in our tag cloud on our homepage  Christie and find plenty on his time as New Jersey’s governor.

The fact is that Christie is a failure as governor of New Jersey. He has shown he cannot budget, or fix the ailing economy of the state. Christie is a JOKE. How long will it take the nation to figure this out? With 26 other candidates to chose from, I expect it won’t take too long. Maybe after Iowa he will be done.

The GOP 2016 candidates list continues to expand

The GOP candidate list, how big is big enough? And what does it mean? Well, as for the list, I can’t imagine it getting much larger but who would have thought it would be as big as it is!? Currently we have  twenty-six (26) Republican hopefuls with the recently added Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal. While some may think this is good for the Republican Party (as in choices), I do not.  After Iowa (possibly before) you will see some or many of these “candidates” disappear. Money will vet out most of the 26 and maybe 6 will make it beyond Iowa. So those who are declaring 26 candidates great, think of this. In the 2012 Iowa Caucus there were 120,046 votes cast for Republican candidates. Rick Santorum the winner with 29,839 votes (24.56%). Six candidates competed in the GOP caucus. projecting roughly the same amount of voters, how many will it take to have a winner? 8,000 votes? A far cry from getting a pulse on what a national election will look like. So is 8,000 a measure of the pulse point of what a national election would be like?

Their names in the limelight oh just so briefly, this is STUPID beyond comprehension. Thank god for IOWA they can vet out the stupid and bring the number to a reasonable list, say 3.

As of today the candidates:

  1. Skip Andrews
  2. Michael Bickelmeyer
  3. Kerry Bowers
  4. Jeb Bush
  5. Ben Carson
  6. Dale Christenson
  7. Ted Cruz
  8. Brooks Cullison
  9. John Dummett
  10. Mark Everson
  11. Carly Fiorina
  12. Lindsey Graham
  13. Jim Hayden
  14. Chris Hill
  15. Mike Huckabee
  16. Bobby Jindal
  17. Michael Kinlaw
  18. George Pataki
  19. Rand Paul
  20. Rick Perry
  21. Michael Petyo
  22. Marco Rubio
  23. Brian Russel
  24. Rick Santorum
  25. Jefferson Sherman
  26. Donald Trump

The Confederate Flag a symbol of history, very bad history.

The debate, what does the Confederate flag mean to you? The recent church massacre in South Carolina has exponentially increased the debate. Flying the flag on government property, this should not be of debate at all. We in the United States have just one flag, the Stars and Stripes. The second flag, one of the 50 states that you live in. There is NO DEBATE. One country and one state. The government(s) do not need to comment, or explain this position. (period with emphasis) It is time for these politicians to make a stand where the Confederate Flag is in use.

The discussion that some type of pride exists around the confederate flag? Which is also associated with the Nazi flag. How can it be denied that the Confederate flag represents slavery.The support of slavery and the war that was because of slavery? Those of us who believe in the confederate flag either do not know history or are ignoring it. Or maybe they really believe in it? None of these three thoughts are good. Meaning our country has not moved forward in the least. You cannot learn from the past if you are not willing to accept what really was. Let’s stop being stupid.

God Bless the Stars and Stripes.



The end of UNIONS via Scott Walker-R or at our own hands

Scott Walker-R Wisconsin, the governor that brought Right-to-Work to the state and now, the hopeful presidential candidate that will bring RTW to the nation. The quote below comes from a piece that I wrote after Walker won his recall election and is based off the breakdown of the demographic of the voters. (link included to entire post)

“As for the union movement, they will also have to wait for rock bottom, sad to say but becoming more evident with each passing day. Educate, you can provide the information but how will you get them to listen or read?”

Walker champion’s “a smaller federal government, with the exception of involving it in Right to Work.” Walker has stated he would put his support behind efforts in states where legislators support RTW. This obviously bad for the working man. But what effect did it have in Wisconsin? Since Walker signed into law RTW, the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) membership has went from 63,000 members to 20,000. This loss of membership at the hands of Walker? Or the union members themselves?

The answer to the above is, THE UNION MEMBERS THEMSELVES. The automatic collection of dues is lost and the closed shop is lost to RTW. THE MEMBER, must voluntarily pay the dues and for that matter be a union member. Why has the membership vanished? keep in mind, the UNION must still bargain for the NON-MEMBERS as well as the remaining members. So the blame rests at the feet of the former membership, who also reap the rewards of union protections.

The reality> The 43,000 who chose to be NON-MEMBERS are freeloading scumbag’s. Taking advantage of the system by accepting the rewards of UNIONS and not paying for them. This will come to an end if Walker and Republicans have their way. We will not be talking RTW and NON-Members if it becomes national. The unions will lose far too much membership and dues to continue to exist. The Republicans and big business will win. Then all of us, current members and these non-members will begin the remaining journey to the bottom. All because far too many of us want something for NOTHING.



Governor Christie, Courts, screwing the worker yet again

When Governor Christie first took office he bullied his way through the state legislature in pension reform. Today, with the affirmation of the court(s) Christie once again will bypass this obligation. The result of this inaction will further put those who participate in the program in deep peril. What will lawmakers and Governor Christie do? This question you can answer yourself by reading the first sentence again, specifically the last two words “pension reform”.

The time has long passed to hold our ELECTED OFFICIALS accountable to those they represent. The debacle that is now the State Pension System is quickly approaching BUST. And this skid has been caused by ignoring payments. Obviously, Christie can’t be trusted, as pension reform was supposed to be handled with increasing future payments.Christie promised to make the full payment(s) under a 2011 law he signed to put the pension system back on solid financial ground. Lawmakers promised to make increased annual payments to the fund after years of governors short-changing it. In exchange workers have paid more for their pension and health benefits. Last June, the state courts backed Christie’s deceit when it ruled that Christie could cut that year’s payment from $1.58 billion to $696 million because the revenue shortfall had created a fiscal emergency. Tuesday, the State  Supreme Court has also continued to back Christie’s play with a  5-to-2 decision to not properly fund.

First and foremost the fiscal emergency was created by Christie himself was it not? His budget, his projections and tax policy. Christie who some believe is a potential presidential candidate has failed in all areas of budget management. He has not adjusted his views on taxes and revenue. This is why the pension system is shorted yet again. So what’s the next step? Increase the pension and health care contributions for state workers? Or what is very likely kick the can a bit further down the road until its complete collapse. Sounds like the Federal Governments plan for Social Security.

Pope Francis teams with Aramark to hawk keepsakes

Long before Pope Francis arrives in Philadelphia his image will be all over the city of brotherly love. In the name of keepsakes. Tee-Shirts, key-chains medals and tote bags. Even a Pope Francis doll. Aramark will be distributing the products, the Philadelphia based food and facilities company. (I first became aware of the deal listening to Philadelphia’s KYW 1060) The Pope related items are now on sale with prices starting at just $5.00! You can get them online by …………..

I wonder how many of us might struggle with the idea of selling the Pope on tee-shirts, key-chains, etc. Is this what Jesus would have done? Or would he enter the online store, turn over the tables, and destroy the merchandise? I wonder???

I am not judging, but wonder how many of us believes it demeans his position as the leader of the Catholic Church, Jesus’s #1 on earth.


Democratic field getting larger with Martin O’Malley entering race

Martin O’Malley has announced his candidacy for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president. O’Malley the two-term Maryland Governor certainly has plenty of experience to run on. And also lose on.

O’Malley is a left-democrat, signing into law, same-sex-marriage,  and granting discounted tuition for some illegal immigrants at universities. O’Malley repealed the states death penalty and was the steward of stricter gun control. What O’Malley is really known for is raising taxes. During his time as Governor of Maryland, he raised the states sales tax, income tax on high earners, the gas tax  (first time in 20 years), and increased the corporate tax rate.

Increasing the states minimum wage occurred under O’Malley. Violent crime was reduced. Education spending was increased with the help of the state welcoming in the casino industry.Crime was down, education spending up, minimum wage increased all good qualities. In regard to O’Malley being a tax and spend democrat, he did inherit a $1.7 billion budget deficit in 2007.


Discounts on education for “some illegal aliens”? I would be against this  anywhere in the United States. We have hard-working American’s who cannot afford to go to college. We also have hard-working American families scrapping by to send their kids to school. Giving discounts for illegals is not taking care of our citizens. O’Malley gets a F grade on this. “

In regard to O’Malley being a tax and spend democrat, he did inherit a $1.7 billion budget deficit in 2007. O’Malley drastically increased taxes but also slashed spending in the elimination of 6000 state jobs. Based off just what we do know of O’Malley he doesn’t seem all that far left (as he has been labeled) with the exception of his positions on some social issues.

O’Malley’s record was not a winner for a democratic successor in Maryland. The win went to the Republican Larry Hogan, the second Republican to win in the last 48 years.  This might be a big factor moving through the primary season as O’Malley works to line up big donors.



Immigration in the 2016 election

My belief is we need to give people a path to legal status. “You pay your fines, you get provisional work permits, where you come out of the shadows, you pay taxes, you pay fines, you don’t receive government assistance, you learn English, you don’t commit crimes. Any of those things that you do would be a deportable offense.” Jeb Bush Feb 2015

Reforming immigration, a campaign topic that will again be a campaign issue in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Jeb Bush’s statement above made while speaking to the Club for Growth in Florida. Bush’s statement is far from cutting edge. In Novemeber 2014 President Obama was making the same statement when he bypassed Congress, “If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law President Obama Nov. 2014. (

Although not the same position on the subject overall this statement is the same. Make right with the government and all will be well. Both Jeb Bush and Obama believe illegal immigrants have an overall desire to come out of the shadows and pay taxes? Myself and I am sure many American’s struggle with the idea of this.

Immigration and the need to reform? If we do not enforce the plan we already have, why would we enforce a new plan? President Obama took executive action in 2014 simply because Congress would not pass any bill. Why would they not pass one? Because they lack character and more so fear voter rebellion.

So can Jeb Bush change the direction of the country, who has been wthout direction for the last twenty years on immigration? I would have to say NO. Big business wants cheap labor. Big business is getting cheap labor for the “jobs nobody wants to do” and MORE! Jeb Bush will not change immigration. And for that matter neither will any of the other candidates. The country is BROKEN not the system. The illegal immigrant can come to this country. Work for higher wages then they have ever earned. They also can get healthcare and, attend our schools free of charge. This the bottom line on why reform will not work. To the illegal immigrantthe system is working just fine.   The businesses who make money off their labor, the system is working just fine, the same group who buys elections.

O’Scanlon R-Monmouth plans to phase out jobs, via self-serve gas

Pump your own gas in New Jersey? Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon has plans to change New Jersey’s long-standing ban. His bill would be phased in over three-years. (This was reported on to O’Scanlon he is “amazed at how many people bring this issue to him.”

Fellow New Jersey taxpayers and voters, the question is “why?”

( we have a great article from Shane Johnson ON THE SUBJECT )

The alarming!!  Assemblyman O’Scanlon, do you realize that New Jersey has one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation? How would eliminating jobs benefit the New Jersey economy?

Assemblyman O’Scanlon, with New Jersey’s budget at a shortfall (AGAIN) and desperate measures will be needed to balance (AGAIN), how is eliminating any potential tax revenue wise?

Two important questions that need to be answered!

What we do know from other self-serve experiences: less-workers equals less tax-revenue and more profits for business! That I am guessing is the real reason O’Scanlon is proposing this bill. “The same people bringing him the issue??? I would not be amazed.


The New Jersey Democratic response from Senate President Steve Sweeney, the proposed bill will not go to the floor for debate. Jobs preserved!! Well done Senator Sweeney!

Hillary Clinton, union support and Walmart

Hillary Clinton’s second run for president, what will voters remember from her first attempt? Time helps us forget, and for a second time presidential candidate, Clinton like all other second time candidates  would want voters to forget some of the past. I sort of forgot this gem, but a quick internet search of Hillary Clinton and Walmart  was all I needed to fully jog my memory.

Hillary Clinton sat on Walmart’s board from 1986-1992. During her time on the board, Clinton was a “valuable contributor” according to founder Sam Walton. Clinton had the opportunity to serve on the board with John Tate who often used this anti-union quote: “Labor Unions are nothing but blood sucking parasites living off the productive labor of people who work for a living.” Walmart claimed this was not their postion it was Tates views.” Though it is hard to argue that Tate did not have Walmarts backing considering their overall anti-worker history.


In 2008, then candidate Barack Obama challenged Clinton’s relationship with Walmart. It had been stated by Clinton ” I now do not hold those views.” But she did pocket $20,000 in campaign donations from Walmart executives.

During Clinton’s 2008 run she managed to get support from dozen’s of unions. For the 2016 campaign will unions still ignore her Walmart connection? We do have unions with boycotts of Walmart in place which were also in place back in 2008. These unions though still supported Clinton? I struggle with this, how can you ignore such a glaring flaw? Yes glaring flaw! She afterall still accepted money from America’s most anti-labor company; after denouncing her Walmart past.

So when it comes time for union endorsements, ask your union if they fully considered Clinton’s Walmart history.


Taking a STEP Forward With Bernie Sanders

Though there is much I could say, I will certainly attempt to keep this brief. It may be hard, however, since I have been quite the fan of Bernie Sanders for years now. His recent announcement that he will be running for president, as well as reading numerous articles from various viewpoints in response to this announcement, has forced me to think long and hard about this announcement. Ultimately, I am “Ready for Bernie”, but with a full understanding of what Bernie is….and what he isn’t.

The best place for one to start exploring both sides of the “should we support Bernie?”, the U.S. Senator from the great (and quite progressive) state of Vermont and self-identified “democratic socialist”, argument is two articles published on Jacobin magazines website. Bhaskar Sunkara demonstrates his support for Bernie Sanders in a fantastically argued article which touts Bernie’s socialist credentials and argues that, although Bernie is running as a Democrat, his candidacy will create openings for Left-wing ideas currently marginalized by mainstream discourse. In essence, a Sanders candidacy can go a long way toward pushing the Democratic Party to the left, while opening up room for other forms of left-wing organizing and coalition-building. Ashely Smith, however, argues that a Sanders presidential run with do more harm than good for Left-wing organizing. Citing Sanders’ decision to run as a Democrat, the softening of many of his positions over the years (especially on Israel and militarism), and his choice to run as a presidential candidate (where he has little chance of winning and a great chance of compromising much of what he, and his supporters, believe in) and not as a more viable choice, such as Governor of Vermont (where he could have capitalized on his tremendous independent support in Vermont) where he could have had more effect. Ultimately, a Sanders’ Democratic candidacy will push Sanders to the right, not the Democratic Party to the left, and will cause erstwhile organizers to waste their time on a Sanders candidacy which could better be utilized in organizing independent challenges to the status quo, argues Smith. Both points are well taken, and I find much I agree with in both articles. If anything, I find myself leaning more towards the arguments put forward by Smith. That being said, I am still willing to put my support behind Bernie. It is certainly true that Sanders’ call for a “political revolution” falls far short of a “social revolution” hoped for by many leftists (and Sanders’ version of a ‘political revolution’ is perfectly in keeping with the rules of the status quo and, by definition, is not a ‘revolution’ at all), his self-identification as a ‘socialist’ is a bit misleading (he would be best characterized as a “social democrat”, a la Scandinavian social welfare states, rather than a ‘socialist’), and his decision to run as a Democrat has robbed many on the progressive-left of an opportunity to run an independent campaign which challenges, rather than subjects itself to co-optation by, the status quo. With all of this in mind, I am still willing to support Bernie as a step, (nothing more, nothing less), in the right direction.

Bernie has a unique ability to vocalize the most desperate need for changes in the United States during the second decade of the 21st century. Bernie has a hostile, straight-shooting style that is a breath of fresh air compared to the politics-as-usual dialogues coming from other candidates in the field (think of the anti-militaristic Libertarian Rand Paul giving a speech in front of a battleship). Bernie had the courage to give a more than 8-hour filibuster speech in defense of what little there is of the American welfare state (which was published in book form, and I highly recommend reading it…). He has been a champion of working people, calling for strengthening Social Security, Expanding Medicare and Medicaid, calling for a single-payer healthcare system, demanding campaign finance reform, calling for constitutional amendments to overturn Citizens United, fighting global climate change, and declaring war on the big banks. In a time when candidates are bending over backwards to attract corporate funding (Hillary Clinton was once on the board of WalMart…enough said), demonstrate how “pro-business” they are, and show support for U.S. militarism abroad and the police state at home, Bernie has a unique ability to tie the seemingly different strands of exploitation in an almost complete critique of the system as a whole. He can vocalize how the need for universal healthcare relates to the need for a minimum wage and how each relates to the corporate dominance of our culture and how that dominance, in turn, is leading to the destruction of our planet. Democrat or not, Bernie is alone among the candidates to make these connections and, however softly, to criticize capitalism itself. Sanders even puts forward ideas about what a future society might look like. He persistently applauds the achievements of the Nordic countries and at one time even put forward a bill to support a worker-owned economy (the Worker Ownership Readiness and Knowledge, or WORK, Act, -which never made it to the Senate floor), which is more than one can say about any other candidates.

Undoubtedly, the future of America generally, and working people specifically, rests in making a break from the two-party establishment (and, dare I say, the process of building a post-capitalist society?). Many applaud the success of people like Kashama Sawant in Washington State as a model for future organizing. Unfortunately, we are a long way from replicating that type of organizing or success on any large scale. Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont (who often caucuses with Democrats), thought long and hard about whether to run as Independent as he has his whole career (Sanders has never been a registered Democrat), or to take a different course. Ultimately, he chose to make use of the infrastructure already available in the Democratic Party rather than starting from scratch with an independent organization (which would cost time and money that Sanders and supporters, quite frankly, do not have). Bernie has pledged not to accept corporate money (as if any would be made available to him anyway…), and will thus face an uphill battle against his corporate Democratic opponents.

In the end, what impresses me most about Bernie’s candidacy is that he is “in it to win it”. He’s not running a “symbolic” campaign because, quite frankly, the vast majority of the struggles of working people in America are not symbolic. They are more real than anything else in America. He is putting forth his ideas as winning ideas. He’s going all the way. In this way his ideas have an opportunity to be taken seriously, which they must be if humanity is even going to survive another century, to be exposed to millions of Americans who, for various reasons, may not have even had access to such ideas. It is highly unlikely that Bernie will win the presidency of the United States (the Democratic Party establishment alone will likely kill that dream), but by fighting for these ideas, and encouraging people to organize around those ideas, can provide an opportunity for different groups to come together in common cause, for workers’ organizations to finally get behind a candidate that stands for them (lets go labor…), and be a stepping stone for future (and hopefully more radical) organizations and advocacy. It is essential to recognize Bernie’s candidacy for what it is and what it isn’t.  If nothing else, working people will get a chance to see what a real workers’ candidate looks like. If only for a moment, the people of the United States can flirt with the transcendent ideas of democratic socialism and it will strengthen the debate and be a step in the right (or left…) direction.

The end of the line for Governor Christie

Chris Christie for president?

You might think that his touring across the country would lead to an announcement that he will run for the Republican nomination, And he just might as he has certainly surprised many of us since being overwhelmingly re-elected as New Jersey’s governor.  Bridgegate and the following indictments of some of Christie’s key team(former), the other shoe has nearly hit the ground. To ignore Bridgegate as a voter would be foolish. So let us get foolish and ignore it for a moment.

Christie’s record as governor, let’s take a good hard look at economic’s in New Jersey. This years budget has fallen short of projections again, and again the state pension system will suffer. “The unfunded liability” a key talking point of Republican’s nationally. And one of Christie’s when he was first elected. Today Nj’s unfunded pension is the worst in the nation at $83 billion*.  Just like his predecessor’s, Christie after reforming the pension system, DID NOT  FUND To his requirements under reform. Nor will he be able to unless he increases taxes, something that he hasn’t done. Though he has reduced the tax receipts from the millionaire’s club (millionaires tax). “The job creator’s of the state” as Christie touted. So we are 6 plus years of Christie’s reign, so where does NJ rank in jobs? Nearly last in the nation with only three states doing worse than NJ.**

In one short paragraph we have easily covered Why Governor Christie is not presidential.

Bottom line economics:

 1. One of the worst states in job creation and unemployment (6.5% March 2015)**

 2. A budget that comes in the RED with the State Legislature suing Christie to get pension payments.

 3. Unfunded pension system (after reforming).

So to add the modern-day Watergate to the list makes it rather easy to say that it is the end of the line. The only person that hasn’t figured it out yet is Christie himself.

* National association of State retirement Administrators

** unemployment info from

“In it to win it” Bernie Sanders 2016

“Only God saves more then Bernie” If you are from the Philadelphia area you know that this slogan is tied to Flyer great Bernie Parent. The usefulness of it in regard to Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid? Well fellow Americans, Bernie Sanders will certainly need some divine intervention if he is to come away with the Democratic nomination. Sanders is a true underdog. He is not the parties choice, so the donors sure won’t be lining up to fill his campaign war chest. So where will the campaign donations come from? Or where should they be coming from?

The importance of a Sanders victory to the 99%. We are dying a slow economic death at the hands of the 1%. This will end quickly and not without mercy. That is unless “we” dig into our pockets, raise or voices and scream “we need Sanders!” Sanders has spoken out against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The trade agreement that will finish off the middle-class, and eliminating hope for those who want to be with us. No candidate so far has taken such a firm position against the TPP. Sanders also took his position against before he was even asked as a candidate. There are many issues to consider when selecting a candidate. But, none more important than economic survival for the 99%.

Educate yourself on the devastation that was the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Can we the 99% continue if another trade agreement that is equal to 40% of the worlds economy is signed? The shrinking middle-class, and the increasing ranks of those in poverty, have a life raft available. That raft is Bernie Sanders and I hope we will be saying, “Only God saves more than Bernie Sanders” in 2016.
Know your candidates and Vote Smart.



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Obama turning his back on American Workers, Trans Pacific Partnership full steam ahead

state of the union
photo: defenderofthemiddleclass

President Obama’s legacy, what will it be? “The first African American President”? Or “The President that killed the American Middle-Class?” The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement currently being negotiated that is closer to reality with each passing day. We have covered this in the past in two posts, for your consideration links below.

Briefly recapping the previous posts, the United States will be entering into this agreement with 11 nations from South America and the Pacific Rim. NAFTA on steroids is how it has been described, with the agreement 40% of the world economy will be wrapped up in the TPP. Again with promises of increased opportunity for American Workers in wages and job growth. (?)

The White House now desires “fast-track authority” from Congress to negotiate the deal which if it does approve will leave Congress with just an up or down vote on the agreement. We should expect a fierce battle from the GOP led Congress as they do support “free-trade” just not President Obama. If Obama get’s it done or not depends much on Congress. But with under two years remaining on his second-term we better get asking the question of candidates. As their answers might make 2016 THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME. Where does Hillary Clinton and the GOP candidates stand on this issue?  We MUST make this an election issue.

Hillary Clinton, announces 2016 bid, all others may bail at anytime?

The long-awaited announcement  has come, Hillary Clinton is running for president. This will be her second run at America’s top job. Clinton’s political experience, Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term (09-13). Senator representing the state of New York (01-09). And as we all know First Lady (93-01).

The question that I, who am loyal to the Democratic Party has, “What viable opponent will run against Clinton during the primary?” Vice president Biden has interest in a run but, he is not a viable candidate. Elizabeth Warren, a media darling who many would like to see run has not indicated she will. So who is left???

Clinton’s fall from the democratic machine’s good grace’s (and money) during her first run is a concern. My concern would be if she’s simply “anointed the Democratic candidate” with no competition. If so, it may be a shaky election day in 2016 running against the Republican nominee. And who will that be???? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie? None look like contenders today but we are a long way and a ton of money away from November 2016.

Moving America Back to the Middle: Opinion on the Politics that Effect Labor, Its Unions and the Middle Class